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Dr. Ogunsola couldn't have been more wrong. Not only was Akin not in a hospital, he was also not going to die. In fact, he was about to do quite the opposite because right at that moment, his eyes were opening in Sola's clinic.

Akin wasn't sure how he felt when he woke up but he was sure about what must have happened. From the IV fluids hanging from the pole beside his bed, the catheter in his arm, and the disposable needle cap he could feel poking his right thigh, he could tell that he had gone through the usual procedure of fluid administration. The empty blood pack hanging to the right of the IV fluids also spoke of a blood transfusion. Looks like uncle must have pulled out his O- blood reserve.

What was most concerning though, was the sight of his parents collapsed asleep on two chairs in the corner of the room. This meant that last night had been serious... really serious. Otherwise, they would both have gone home. This worried him, and so he tried to remember what had happened the previous day. Then he remembered the pain, then the thirst, and finally the drive to the hospital and the clinic. But he couldn't remember arriving at the clinic, and yet here he was on a clinic bed. This had never happened before. There was clearly a gap in his memory. Had he fainted?

For Akin who had prided himself on his ability to live side by side with his disease instead of in its shadow, that would be unacceptable. Fainting to him meant he had lost a battle. That sickle-cell had won because he had been unable to withstand the attack. That the enemy had advanced and another stronghold had been taken. You see Akin had always been a popular boy in school. Always participating in one event or another. Wooing one girl or another. Attending one party or another. He had set it upon himself to do all the things that "normal people" do, and he had succeeded.

He had graduated top of his class, had had several girlfriends, won multiple awards, held leadership positions, and most importantly, he had never once "copped out" of doing something because his body was hurting, or he was too tired, or for any other reason sickle-cell anaemia would justify. In fact most people (including his many girlfriends) couldn't tell that he had a chronic disease, and he prided himself on this fact. Now he had fainted. He had not fainted during his first abdominal crisis, nor had he done so during his first bone crisis. He had not even fainted during his kidney failure but now, now he had fainted over a little thirst. And just before he could sink into the depths of depression that his current train of thought was leading him to, he sensed uncle Sola at the door.

When Sola walked into the room, it was to find Akin wide awake and sitting on the side of the bed. It had been about four hours since he had begun the post-transfusion monitoring so it was no surprise that Akin should be feeling well enough to sit, or stand, or even run about but he would not advise it.

Akin, lie back down. You should keep resting. How are you feeling now? It looks like you had an acute anaemic crisis. Any idea what may have caused it? - Did you do any rigorous activity yesterday? Have you been taking your medication?
Yes uncle. I have been taking them and yesterday was very relaxed, I didn't even go out. I have no idea what could have caused this, I haven't been stressed or very active lately and I have been drinking a whole lot.

Hoping for a reply that would lift his spirits, Akin then asked

Uncle, did I faint yesterday? Because besides my throat, the rest of the symptoms I had really weren't more severe than usual.

Yes you did, and I actually wanted to ask you more about that. This pain in your throat, how did it feel? Was it like acid reflux, or a sore throat? Was it hard to swallow? Try and describe it in as much detail as you can.

Akin suppressed a wave of disappointment and hastened to reply:

It felt like my throat was burning. Not in the way of acid reflux, but like a real fire was in my throat.

What do you mean? Was it a dull or sharp pain? Where exactly in your throat was it?
Well, the pain was initially dull, and then it increased in intensity over time till it was pretty searing. Like when you burn your finger in a candle flame. It also felt like it was all over my throat, but it was so painful in the end that I didn't really try and pinpoint it.

I see. I think we should try and get you an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat, specialist. You have something funny going on in your throat area. But for now try and get some more sleep, I will let your parents know that you're alright when they awake...
Oh and uncle, the pain also made me feel very thirsty and when I drank water it seemed to help a little.

Ok, well if it happens again try drinking milk instead and see whether that helps more. Now get some rest.

With that, Sola concluded the conversation and the checkup he was simultaneously doing while they conversed. Akin's vitals were back to normal, and from Akin's description he knew that whatever was happening in Akin's throat was outside of his field of expertise. He would need to talk to Toki and Seun when they woke up and refer them to Dr. Oduwole so that they may schedule an appointment for Akin.

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I'm just glad Akin made it through...
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