[Bloodlust] The Abduction : 22

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Seun and Toki couldn't believe their ears.
What!? Kidnapped? My son? We are average Nigerians! Why would anyone kidnap our boy!? This is Lagos! Not the bloody Niger-Delta. This makes no sense!

It was the second time they had collectively uttered that phrase this month. The first being during their long meeting with Nike. She had called Akin an aberration. A mutant, a deviant, a freak of nature - and she had shown them proof. The body doesn't just develop new blood vessels without reason. It does so to supply more blood to areas that aren't getting enough food and oxygen. Angiogenesis she had called it: a natural process the body undergoes when healing wounds or suffering from malignant tumours.

Except that Akin's vessels weren't hooked up to his existing blood supply. They opened out onto his throat. Suggesting that his body had decided it needed an oral blood supply for something. But there were no wounds that needed healing. Nor were there any benign tumours recorded in his medical history. So as far as Nike could tell, at least medically speaking, Akin just wanted to drink blood.

He has become something evil... and as I said when I began my presentation, sometimes life throws you curve balls, and you can either wait till they strike you out, or strike them out first. I know he's your son, but I think you need to make him a home run. Send him as far away as possible, until a team of doctors can figure out how to change him back.

They had been stunned speechless. Were these the words of a trained medical doctor!? Evil? Not Akin. Not their boy. If there was one thing they knew, it was that their son was far from evil. This doctor was a quack. But the evidence spoke for itself. Putting the issue of evilness aside, it was obvious that Akin would need special medical attention. A team of doctors as Nike had said. Which only made them more thankful that the W.H.O had taken on his case pro bono.

Don't worry my dear, our boy will be fine. Seun had reassured his wife that night.

He's with the W.H.O. They have the finest medical facilities in the country. See how God works. He delivered just what we needed even before we asked for it. Let's go visit Akin tomorrow. I'm sure he misses us already.

Not knowing that 2 weeks later, he would be waking up to this phone call. If only he had known earlier... If only...

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Abduction | Page: 22
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