[Bloodlust] The Abduction : 21

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Calm down... Calm down... Take a deep breath. Think! Who were those people? A girl and her uncle!? What could they possibly want with me? How did they even get past security? What happened to the guards at the gate? Isn't anyone watching the cameras? Those two couldn't have killed everyone... could they?

As the elevator descends to the first floor, Akin's mind continues to race. The adrenaline keeping his heart rate high, breathing fast, muscles tight, and senses sharp. In the two weeks since his transfer to the W.H.O facility, much had changed. He had gone from a doubled-over crisis patient, to a teenager as physically fit as a bodybuilder. At least, that was how it felt, to him.

He could now run a treadmill, without getting out of breath. He could shower with cold water. He had no drug regimen, nor did he need one. His eyes were no longer jaundice. His urine no longer the deep orange of sunsets. All mundane everyday things to be sure. But to him, they were larger than life.

Dr. Odiakosa had said his new cells (the planocytes) were able to store more oxygen. They didn't clump together like the sickled ones, and after the last transfusion, all his sickle-cells seemed to have temporarily disappeared leaving only the planocytes. But where and how the planocytes were being formed remained a mystery, and why he wasn't rejecting these mysterious cells was unknown. This was partly why he was under extended observation in the special diseases ward.

The other part was Nike. Her fear of him had mandated that he be kept in a quarantinable ward. Not that he minded, but he couldn't fathom why she would want to continue seeing him, especially considering his parents account of their last meeting. Apparently, Dr. Odiakosa had insisted on having her assistance much to his parents chagrin, but for her to agree!? Mind-boggling.

Still, Akin could not be bothered about his throat or his blood. Whatever his body was doing, however it was changing, didn't matter: as long as it stayed that way. Because thanks to it, everyday had been more awesome than the last. The freedom that came with not having to watch what he did, the effortlessness of being able to do what he never could, and most of all, the gratification of doing the things he'd always dreamed of, had become a sweet savour he could never give up.

Even the state he was currently in, was one such dream. He had never thought the term fight-or-flight response would ever apply to him. Fight, flight, or freeze! he'd always corrected in biology class. Not everybody will fight, and not everybody can flee, some of us, can only freeze. Now here he was mid-flight, after already having fought back once. His elation at surviving, making him recall scenes from Home Alone.

You know what? I can do this. Even if everyone's dead. Even if they're unconscious. Even if there's no one around when I get down there, I can make it. I can run now, I can fight now, and I only need to make it to the staff quarters to be home free. That's all. No big deal. As soon as the elevator doors open I'll..


How the HELL!?

Before him stood the girl. The intruder he had just left six floors from payday: giving him a look that said "Don't make this harder, than it has to be." He was trapped. Should I hit her? How do you fight off a girl without hitting her? Opting for a tackle, he dove head first into her midriff. But it was like hitting a brick wall. She didn't budge. She didn't even make a sound that acknowledged the attack.

She simply picked him up by his waist, and pile-drove him into the metal floor of the elevator. The last sight that Akin saw this night, the glow of a number six as the elevator travelled back up to uncle.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Abduction | Page: 21
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