[Bloodlust] The Abduction : 20

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He had detected the first one long before he opened his eyes. That one must have come in through the main entrance because it was now in an elevator coming up to his floor. But it was the second one that scared him. For it had suddenly appeared down the hall, and this was the sixth floor.

The room where he now stood was fairly large, with about ten metres between the floor and ceiling, and another ten metres between the door and the back wall: enough to comfortably fit at least 2 more beds besides his own. He would have escaped into the hallway earlier, but the second intruder was blocking his path to the stairwell, forcing him to remain within the confines of his room.

This building, building #5, was quite extensive. Since his arrival two weeks ago, he hadn't had to leave it once. From Phlebotomy down to Radiology, every medical division he had needed to see, had been somewhere within the building - and the special diseases ward where he resided, was no different.


The elevator had arrived. Intruder #1 was here, and Intruder #2 was coming down the hall. He knew he needed to act fast. But first, he needed to see. Closing his eyes, Akin broadened his field of vision. Over the past few months, he had gained some control his new abilities. He couldn't see through walls, but he could detect the presence of others. His enhanced smell allowing him to distinguish people, and his third eye mapping his surroundings.

What are my options? If I run out now, they'll get me. I need to hide. But where? In the closet? No, too hard to escape from. Under the bed? No, they'll see me when they turn on the lights. I need somewhere where I can hide, and from where I can run.


Akin quickly slips behind the door. His fear instinctually priming the best response as his door opens. The first intruder begins to step into the room. Akin slowly puts his hands up against the door's back. As the intruder reaches for the light switch, WHAM! Akin pushes on the door with all the force he can muster: catching the intruder's leg, and slamming the door in his face. Argh! He hears the intruder scream, stumbling back into the hallway. Uncle! A concerned female voice cries out: The second intruder apparently, is a girl.

Immediately taking advantage of "uncle's" backward stumbling, Akin bolts from behind the door: making for the elevators.

Bash, bash, bash, bash, bash...
It should still be here. Please let it be here!

His mind racing, as he pounds the call button. The elevator doors open. He jumps in.
Don't worry about me, Catch Him!
But uncle, you're blee...

The elevator doors close. He hits the first floor button. His heart is thumping in his ears.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: The Abduction | Page: 20
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