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A month had passed since the initial discovery of the oesophageal holes which they had officially termed oesophageal lacunae in the interim. Sade and the sub-team of Dr. Ogunsola et al. were no closer to finding their first subject than they had been at the start of their search and the rest of the team had just about given up. Although they had been able to determine that Akin had not in fact died, they had been consistently unable to catch either he himself or his parents at home. Sade however, was not giving up. In fact she was still periodically making the team do a poll of the hospitals to see if any new suspicious cases had been admitted. And today, today was going to be different. Because today they had gotten a hit.

It seemed that Akin Mabogunje had been frequenting the St. Nicholas hospital near TBS for a while now. They had resorted to making friends with hospital staff in order to get such information, and yes, a few thousand Naira had necessarily exchanged hands in the process. But Sade now felt it was well worth the sacrifice. After all, there was nothing unethical about it as long as she was using her own money and who knows what kind of medical discoveries this could lead to? It was way too important to let go because of money.

There was also another bit of good news. The week before, Sade had finally gotten round to reporting the entire incident to the W.H.O. She had written up a report with a detailed account of the discovery, their efforts, their conclusions, and ended it with a request for it all to be taken up as its own separate investigation. Her request had been granted, and she, her sub-team of five, as well as an extra five pulled from the sickle cell specialists researching the cure were now to form a team whose only job would be to focus on the anomaly. A new acting leader had been selected for the cure team and so she could now genuinely focus on the problem of the oesophageal lacunae.

All this had happened today. Early in the morning she received the news of her request being granted from Segun as well as instructions to grow the team to ten by drawing on the expertise of the specialists on site. By noon, a new acting leader for the cure team had been chosen and her team had been assembled. So all the pieces were now in place: a dedicated team, a defined problem, and a lead to follow, plus the full backing of the W.H.O behind them. The investigation could now begin in earnest.

Of course the first thing to do would be to secure Akin Mabogunje. Now that this was an officially backed W.H.O investigation, they would no longer have to scrounge for information from hospitals - they could demand it. What's more, they could demand Akin Mabogunje be released into their care as well. All they would need would be parental consent - and which parent in Nigeria wouldn't consent to having the W.H.O take care of their child? So the plan was simple: March into St. Nicholas upon Akin's next visit, demand to see him, speak to the parents, and get him released into their care. Of course, all this demanding would have repercussions on further relations with the hospital but Sade was tired of the snail like pace their investigation had been moving at. She wanted to take a big leap forward, and this was the time to do it.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: Signs | Page: 9

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