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For in those days of secondary school, Dr. Adenike Oduwole was still addressed by the first half of her first name, Ade, as opposed to the second half, Nike, as she is today. And in those days, she was still very much a child plagued by her fears. This combined with her family's recent move from their little village to the big city of Ibadan made great fodder for the flames of Ade's burgeoning superstitions.

She wasn't used to cars moving at speeds higher than 20km/hr as they would in the village. Nor was she used to electricity and the many devices that run on it. She was a rural girl, a rural girl who believed witches and wizards and curses and spells were the stuff of real life and fast cars, street lights, and multitudes of people were the stuff of legend. Merely stories told by travellers passing through her little village of Awe. So the sight of these things everyday made her by turns awestruck and fearful. Turning her into what one might call a nervous wreck. An extremely curious nervous wreck.

In fact, it was this behaviour that led to her friendship with Sola. Jumping at the slightest sound, screeching at the tiniest scare, Sola felt she was a spectacle to behold. Yet Ade would come back the next day to inspect that very same thing she was terrified of. So Sola befriended her, and what a riot they had together. A riot that was 50% made up of him scaring Ade out her wits with some new- fangled contraption, and 50% made up of explaining the inner workings of said contraption to a now fascinated Ade and which 100% of the time ended with her casually commenting "How strange!" as she continued to study whatever it was.

So really, how strange could his dear friend's discovery be? With this in mind, Sola kindly told Dr. Oduwole not to worry. Seun and Toki would definitely be able to handle whatever news she had for them. No matter "how strange" it might be.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: Signs | Page: 14

Still though, I think those discoveries were pretty strange. She probably should have told him so he would take her seriously. Oh yeah, patient-doctor confidentiality. Figures.
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