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The next day, Nike meant to put in a call to the Mabogunje's to give them the news. There was something wrong with their sons throat. Something that she couldn't explain over the phone. Something she would have to tell them in person. But she had no idea how she was going to explain that something when even medical science had no explanation for it. And when she then thought of the reaction that her explanation could evoke, she knew she had to think seriously about how to deliver it. It was with that realisation that she got the idea to call Sola. Mr. Mabogunje was Sola's older brother. Surely Sola would be able to help. So she picked up her phone, and placed her call to Sola.

Scholastic sholastic! How now? Longest time. I haven't seen you since our school days together. Yeah. I'm fine o! And how is your wife? Ok. Please give her my regards. I am actually calling about that patient you referred to me a while back. Your nephew? Yes, Akin Mabogunje. There's an issue with his case that I need to discuss with you. When will you be available? In that case, how about over lunch tomorrow? It won't take much of your time, all I need is some advice. Ok... Ok. Sounds good. See you then.

Their brief meeting took place the next day around 1:30pm at the Ocean View restaurant in Victoria Island. Sola was seated towards the back at one of the 4-seater tables with a view of Kuramo lake. He had already ordered his steak lunch and was absentmindedly sipping from his giant mug of chapman as he looked out of the window in repose. Ade soon arrived, ordered a chicken shawarma and a glass of red wine and took a seat opposite him. Once the food arrived, Sola got straight to the point:
Ade, what's going on?

Sola, listen. That boy's throat is... Well, it's very strange. I need to talk to his parents about it but I have no idea how to break it to them. It's really very strange and It needs more study. Still, they need to be informed. So I was wondering if you might forewarn them so that their minds are prepared by the time we speak.

Knowing his friend for who she was, Sola felt that the word "strange" meant a lot less coming from her than it would coming from anyone else. Because just as Sola had earned the nickname "Scholastic" due to his academic prowess during his secondary school days, Nike had earned a few of her own. And one in particular stuck out in his memory like a sore thumb: Ade ni jump twice.
When next you meet Ade
Make you watch what you say
Take care for how you do
Before she fear of you

For if you just misyarn
Or if you touch am small
Ade no calm at all
Ade ni jump twice

Ade de jump for car
Ade de jump for horn
Ade de jump for light
Ade ni jump twice

Adenike. HA!
Ade ni fear. HA!
Ade ni yen. EHN?

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: Signs | Page: 13

LOL! Well, I guess not as scared as Adenike.
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