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Meanwhile Nike needed the aforementioned Akin's body to continue investigating the extent to which it had changed. Such a drastic change in physiology would certainly not be limited to one area. Still, she had her superstitions. This creature, this Akin Mabogunje whatever he was, could be dangerous. Getting involved at all, would be risky.

Nike Oduwole despite her many degrees and her stalwart western education was not many things if not superstitious. Having grown up in Awe, born to a family of traditionalists who still worshipped the old gods - Sango, Ogun, Ifa, and the rest of them. Nike had never quite forgotten the rituals and superstitions that came with traditional worship. Her above average intelligence and superior education had brought her out of that life but never quite brought that life out of her. Not that she was a traditionalist herself, on the contrary she was quite an avid Christian. But mutter some mumbo jumbo at her and she would fear a curse. Leave a bloodstain in her room and she would claim juju (black magic). Draw some indecipherable symbols on a piece of paper and it must be devilish. Such that any variety of incomprehensible things could fall into the category of dangerous... and Akin Mabogunje had just become one of those things.

Still, Nike wouldn't have become a doctor if she let superstitions rule her life. No. She had two other unparalleled qualities that often won over her superstitions. An insatiable thirst for knowledge and a curiosity large enough to exhaust 9 lives. The combination of these had gotten her through med school and now they were working to convince her to study Akin.

But the only purpose of blood vessels is to carry blood. Doesn't that mean...?
Come on Nike, you can't just assume that with no evidence. I mean even if it does, you still want to know how it happened don't you?

How else could it have happened? Is he not an Abiku?
Msscheww! After all that schooling, you're still deceiving yourself. Was it not research on the Abiku that found Sickle-cell anaemia? Imagine what research on this might turn up! The bottom-line is you want to know. Everything else is story. If you don't research this case and somebody else does, you will forever regret it.

Oh! Why am I always like this? Now if that thing should bite me, whose name will I call? Anyway sha, let me check it out. I can always run away if it comes to it...

...and I can only hope that it won't.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: Signs | Page: 12

I would be scared too...
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