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Unbeknownst to Sade, Akin's crises were becoming infrequent... Or at least less frequent than every week. Furthermore Akin had only just been released from his week long observation and instead of four bags, his last transfusion had been for eight bags of blood. Needless to say, the doctors were getting tired of seeing his pained face so often. So this time it would probably be two weeks if indeed the crises period was proportional to the amount of blood transfused. Checking this was in fact part of the reason the doctors gave more blood and exactly double the blood quantity.

The predicted extra time would also be beneficial for Seun and Toki. They had finally been able to book an appointment with the ENT specialist that Sola had referred them to. This appointment however wasn't till the Monday of the second week after Akin's discharge. So they hoped the extra blood would see him through healthy at least until after the appointment. So whether or not Sade's team would be the first to see or treat the oesophageal lacunae in a live patient largely depended on how long Akin held up.

As if in response to the Mabogunje's prayers and in consideration of Sade's impatience, Akin held up exactly until the moment of his appointments conclusion. It was such that Folasade Odiakosa's investigation of Akin Mabogunje began only about six hours after Nike Oduwole had met him for the first time... and such that if one had been able to watch both of them from invisible cameras in their labs, they would have found themselves rolling on the floor laughing at exactly 11:45pm the next day. Because at 11:45pm, the jaws of both women... simultaneously... dropped.

Nike could not believe her eyes! It was the first time she had ever seen a morphological composition so unthinkable that it was impossible to comprehend. After she looked at what she had at first thought were already absurd holes in the oesophagus as shown in a frontal scan of the throat, she turned her head and looked at a profile scan of the same throat to see that the holes were actually a cross-section of a more complex web of tiny blood vessels that connected the oesophagus to the subclavian arteries.

What in God's name was this!? Had she not seen the boy? Besides the fact that he had been unusually tall for a sickler, walking in at almost 6 feet - and that his eyes were unusually yellow even for jaundice, there had been nothing else out of place. Yet if her eyes were not deceiving her and they were not (she had already rubbed them several times and washed her face several more), that boy had a throat that could classify him as an entirely different species of human being if he could even still be called one! Only God knows what other changes had occurred elsewhere in his body.

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: Signs | Page: 10

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