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Sade had not slept that night, nor had she returned home. Since the discovery of the holes, she and the team of haematologists had been working around the clock to try and figure out what they were.

They had delved into medical archives:
Were there any similar cases in the past?

They were analysing the tissue:
Was it sabotage or natural causes?

They were reviewing the blood:
Was there a new pathogen in the blood?

They were even taking the precaution of putting every one of their centres under quarantine while they did a thorough decontamination and sterilisation!

Of course they all knew this was nothing more than the elimination of the impossible. The holes though relatively large were still minuscule, so it was unlikely the result of sabotage and stomach acid would cause such immense pain that it would have been reported (even forgetting that instant death should follow such an attack). Plus, there was no way a team of expert haematologists would miss a new pathogen in blood they had been studying for months.

Now, in the words of Sherlock Holmes: Whatever remained, however improbable, must be the truth

...and the only remaining conclusion was that these holes were a natural occurrence.

Whether by some genetic mutation or physiological adaption, some sickle-cell sufferers had begun developing holes in their oesophagus's for a reason! Though it was unlikely that said reason would be found in dead tissue, they were going to continue examining what they had anyway. The priority would however be to find a living sample. In other words, they needed to track down the subjects who were exhibiting the anomaly (for lack of a better description).

Sade however realised early on that she could not continue to dedicate the entire team to what was at best a coincident and subordinate medical investigation. No matter how intriguing the discovery may be, the W.H.O did not hire them to study apparent lacunae in the oesophagus. They had a different job to do. With that in mind, she had broken off a small team of five from the larger group, put Dr. Ogunsola in charge, and had them continue with the investigations independently. This of course meant slower returns. Each of the theorised causes took that much longer to investigate, and each investigation that much longer to terminate. But finally, over twenty-four hours after the initial discovery, and twelve since the investigative team was formed, she was about to get some answers... or so she thought.

As it turned out, what Dr. Ogunsola had to report only served to fuel the mystery. First off, none of the theories panned out. There were no signs of the holes being caused by any incident of tampering or bodily mishap. The blood was clean - nothing but blood cells and plasma. The medical archives devoid of relevant information, and so far, nothing had been found during the decontamination process.

As for the search for a living subject, what they had discovered was highly disturbing. Of the total number of subjects they knew to be exhibiting the anomaly, only two might still be alive. The rest had died sometime shortly after the taking of the sample and the majority of the dead had been admitted for some form of crisis before their death. Many to public hospitals where it was unlikely the records would be shared without some sort of slight of hand precipitated by a one-way monetary exchange.

And of the two still hopefully living, the first had also been admitted for a crisis like the rest, but had come out fine. She was last seen by Dr. Osei-Kuku - the lead haematologist who had disappeared - shortly before his own disappearance. She has not been heard from since. The second, a Mr. Akin Mabogunje, could not be reached. They had tried the two numbers provided on his registration and consent form, and had even attempted to visit him at the address provided as well. However neither he nor his parents were home and they suspected that he may likely be admitted in a hospital at this moment. An admission from which he would most likely, never be discharged...

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Novel: Bloodlust | Chapter: A Discovery | Page: 4

So after all that work we still know absolutely nothing about the holes?? Well... except that now, everyone seems to be dropping like flies after the fact. They better make sure they get Akin before he follows the same fate!
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