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On Freedom
I did not know freedom
Until I knew boundaries
Until I wanted to expand
I could not feel confined
So was I caged from the beginning?
And if so does it matter?
For if the boundaries had not existed,
Would I have known what it meant to cross?
For if freedom were the absence of boundaries
Then I was trapped from the beginning
But if I never would've tried to expand
Then was I never confined?
If I've never felt confined
Have I never tried expansion?
Or have I, contrarily, always exceeded boundaries?
And if I've always felt confined
Am I always expanding?
Or am I, contrarily, being held back
By the one
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 1 0
Where is My Righteous Indignation?
Where oh where is my righteous indignation?
Where oh where has it gone?
For my nation that bleeds
Black blood for foreign thieves
Where oh where has it gone?
Where oh where is my righteous indignation?
Where oh where has it gone?
While bomb blasts resound
Scattering death on the ground
Where oh where has it gone?
Where oh where is my righteous indignation?
Where oh where has it gone?
As our leaders serve self
And our people serve wealth
Where oh where has it gone?
Where oh where is my righteous indignation?
Where oh where has it gone?
By the failures gone past
I last saw it, aghast
And now, it seems, I have none.
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
Hello From the Other Side
Hello from the other side
I've thought of you a thousand times
And I'll not say something brand new
Nor repeat again that I miss you
My heart demands, and so I say
Listen, I'll be here, till you someday
Are willing to say hello back
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
So I wake up this morning
And I think I ought to write
The problem is I’m not so sure
’bout the direction of my life
Things seem to be going well
But that’s just what it is
I don’t know whether time will tell
Or that’s just what it is
Am I happy? That’s the question
There’s a bit of malcontent
Most days go by too quickly
To be caught, before they went
Suddenly, I’m just straight cruising
And it feels a bit unfair
Cause I’ve done nothing to earn this role
And yet, look at, I’m here
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 1 0
D Evaluation
I started to write
But then I thought it moot
I mean the thing I had to say
Was just a bit of truth
The whole word must've known it
It wasn't new to me
So why should I express a thing
So so so ordinary?
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 1 0
Oh, Dear Lord
Oh Dear Lord, how could it be!?
With outstretched hand, you reach for me
Who am I, that you should bend
Your precious hip, your hand extend
For I know not how to stray from sin
Although I try, I rarely win
My flesh rebels, to drown in shame
Yet you pardon, time and again
Oh Dear Lord, how could it be!?
With outstretched hand, you reach for me
Who am I, that you should bend
Your precious hip, your hand extend
I bow in awe of your grace
The glory of your holy face
Doth shine on me, I cannot look
And still you reach, through holy book
Oh Dear Lord, how could it be!?
With outstretched hand, you reach for me
Who am I, that you should bend
Your precious hip, your hand extend
Your Word, He heals and fills me up
Your Spirit counsels, builds me up
Your Son forgives, and frees me up
Till I'm secure, and worries stop
Oh Dear Lord, how could it be!?
With outstretched hand, you reach for me
Who am I, that you should bend
Your precious hip, your hand extend
You are the potter, I am the clay
You are
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 2 2
He Gave Me Rest
When every whisper was a siren
And every sound, an alarm to my ears
He gave me silence
When every mumble pointed a finger
And every grumble, accused of my fears
He gave me solitude
And when every dream was a nightmare
And every whim, a cause to be scared
He gave me rest
Oh! What a great God He is!
Amen. Hallelujah!
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
In His presence
Oh! What joy! What Joy!
It is to love the Lord
To celebrate without restraint
His grace unto us ward
In His presence, we are blameless
For the debts of sin were paid
When the Son of Man
For man's own sake
Descended to the grave
Oh! What joy! What Joy!
It is to follow Him
To walk the path least trodden
For the glory of our King
In His presence, we are blameless
For the debts of sin were paid
When the Son of Man
For man's own sake
Descended to the grave.
Oh! What joy! What Joy!
It is to serve in faith
Believing in a morrow where
We march amongst the saints
In His presence, we are blameless
For the debts of sin were paid
When the Son of Man
For man's own sake
Descended to the grave.
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
Until I Had to Coo to You
A lighter heart I have not felt
Since fear and doubt within it dwelt
With chains and shackles roundabout
A straight jacket on love
I thought I felt as others do
As free to love, as free to coo
Until I had to coo to you
Until I had to coo to you
A jingle jangle awkward dance
This was the form of my advance
With two left feet I tried to Waltz
With each left foot I found some faults
I thought I felt as others do
As free to love, as free to coo
Until I had to coo to you
Until I had to coo to you
A startled bull in China shop
A bungling fool, more clumsied up
You had me when you said "Hello"
What did I say? Uh... I don't know?
I thought I felt as others do
As free to love, as free to coo
Until I had to coo to you
Until I had to coo to you
Until I had to coo to you
I thought I felt as others do
As free to love, as free to coo
Turns out in fact, that was untrue.
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
Twen [T minus Something]
You're a day over twenty,
Or a year, or nine more
So it's time to get hassled
For we have been keeping score
You may not feel it, but you're lonely
And you've got to find a spouse
You may not know it, but you're homely
And you need to buy a house
When we call you "twenty-something"
It just means we've had enough
It's a sign we think you're ready
To find love, and kids, and stuff
So start looking and stop slacking!
We are sure it will pay off
And speaking of getting paid
Find a job, the market's tough
Look, we know that you are sceptic
And we know, that you're afraid
Yes we know, you don't feel ready
But we're sick of your delays
Step it up, young man or woman
It is time to do your part
Best read "Twen [T minus something]"
It counts down, until you start.
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
This bluster belies the beads of sweat
Scoring his forehead and marring his vest as
His heart reattempts an escape from his chest
His eyes seem to dart as if they're on a quest
His words are so quick that they all come in bursts
His thoughts are belaboured; they seem such a mess
Still he doesn't think he's a man in distress
He's worried because he knows these are the signs
He's worried because it's happened other times
He's Worried. So worried. He's out of his mind.
A panic so manic, that it's a rare find...
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
Problem Solvers
"Time! More Time!" the teachers cry
As six by ten seconds fly by
"I started in the afternoon
How did it get this late, so soon?"
"Why!? Why!?" principals sigh
As two in three students fall shy
"I know we did, all that we could
Why is it not being understood?"
"How!? How!?" the district asks
Can we solve for [tool] in [task]?
"What can we use across the map
That gets our grades up to the cap?"
"Whoa! Whoa!" the gurus say
Let's look at this a different way
"A problem underlies these facts
Let's analyze..
   and do the math"
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
The Road to Inner Peace
Along the road to inner peace
I found a truth: I was amiss
Lost in a sea of mental bliss  
I thought I knew...
I knew not this.
That to be weak is to be strong
That we all need to feel we belong
That hearts are made to be exposed
And secrets must not stay untold
For in this life, we will have fears
And we might feel, that no one cares
But if we hide our heartfelt tears
Then when we cry...
Well, no one hears.
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 0 0
The Wurm
The Arena...
It was the one place where the words of a child would be respected as that of an adult: where age didn’t matter, and your decisions were your own.
Nothing more than an open space in the middle of the market square, it had always had a name too grand for its appearance. But it was where battles were fought, debts were paid. and grievances settled - with the price of blood.
Which made it the one place… the only place… where he could get his revenge.
Now as he stood amongst the crowd, watching the final match before his own, plotting and visualizing the many ways he was going to butcher the bastard… a strange calm settled over his mind.
He took a step forward, making his way through the throng of people surrounding the ring...
His eyes intently focused on the goal before him, he pushed aside those who stood in his path, and squeezed between others unaware of his wrath.
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 1 0
Writer's Block
I had a dream of writer's block
A dream in which my mind was stuck
On words like verbs, and terms like f*ck
And how my head deserved a knock
And in this dream I was quite vexed
I was so mad I was perplexed
I couldn't think of what came next
Nor how to finish up my text
I begged my words to understand
I begged that they come on demand
I couldn't bear a pen so still
That couldn't move by my sheer will
Yet on deaf ears befell my pleas
And this fact brought me to my knees
So I left a prayer on the breeze
"Next time...
I pray to write with ease."
:iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 1 3
The Red String Cover Design by Mabogunje The Red String Cover Design :iconmabogunje:Mabogunje 1 0

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Members, we have reached 30 prompts! Gosh look at how far we've come! Anyways back to our weekly prompt.
Sixteen deviations were submitted to last week's prompt of 'excuses' and the piece that stood out the most to me was A Reasonable Excuse by Mabogunje. It was very relatable being a writer and reading this poem. I'm sure others would enjoy it as well.
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What honestly humbles me the most when it comes to dA, is that even when I am doing absolutely nothing, and seldom comment on your stuff lately (It's not due to me being uninterested, I just have become super busy lately, and I need to adjust my classwork/dA work) I still average at least 50 pageviews a day. I think that is lovely. While I don't look at pageviews when it comes to popularity, it's nice that my inactivity has made it so I am not forgotten.
So to show my appreciation, I would really like to kick my first year off on dA with a BANG. And that is with what? Making my own contest, with what as a grand prize? A One-Year Premium Membership
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- No word limi
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Odyssey II with Clive Barker

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CliveBarker starts us off with the Prologue for Odyssey II and selects the submissions for the final books. The ultimate creative challenge to produce the ultimate deviantART book.
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The Color of Darkness
Sara hated travel – hated the journey, the movement. Perhaps the wandering of her spirit gave rise to the complacency of her body. Still, the necessity for travel was inescapable.
Sweating through a fog of Xanax and Ambien, her hair damp – piled and disheveled like heaps of autumn leaves – tumbled in ringlets against her cadaverous skin.  Her eyes, sharpened by deep shadows, were a tumult of color – Indigo.  Vermilion.  Rust.  Mahogany.
Her beauty was cruelly deceptive – perverted by time and corrupted by desire.  Her perfume was the sweet smell of jasmine and acetylene – undercut by the scent of flop sweat and malice – an odor that went unnoticed as she walked through the terminal at Heathrow.
They were waiting for her.  Their fear was palpable.
"Where is the child?" Sara asked in her heavily accented but inscrutable voice.
"Lost...on the Underground." the man shifted his hands near his wais
:iconseldintaase:SeldinTaase 4 4



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In the last month, I've started 2 blogs: each dedicated to one of my varied interests. I'm posting weekly, and hoping I can keep this up. So if any of you care to have a read, here they are:


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I am an author, a programmer, and a dabbler in digital art. I like to try my hand at everything. But mostly, I like to write. So take a good look around and see if there's anything you like! :D



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Looking to cover my apartment walls in art.
  • Bedrooom: Anime inspired pieces
  • Living room: Landscapes, skies, (calm pieces)


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