Ode to Ozzy Osbourne

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Ode to Ozzy Osbourne
© Alec Damiano, 2011

I'm not the kind of person you think I am
I'm not the Antichrist or the Iron Man
I have skeletons locked up in my brain
From going off the rails of life's Crazy Train

I was born in a town, Aston was its name
The fate of those living there would all be the same
Working machinery till one dropped dead
But I'd do something special, my old man had said

I sang with Black Sabbath and made it alone
But never forgot my past from my Heavy Metal throne
My folks were barely able to buy me some shoes
I've been blamed for devil-worship, though it was untrue

I've eaten cabbage boiled in Brillo Pads
I bit the head off both a dove and a bat
I've battled with drugs and sobriety
How I'm still alive is a mystery to me

I lost my best friend in a nasty plane crash
I made hit records when the critics talked trash
I have a great family and a loving wife
I'm blessed to have made it this far in my life
This poem was published in the compliation Stars in Our Hearts: Imagination by World Poetry Movement (2011).

The first two lines are a reference to Ozzy Osbourne's song, "Gets Me Through".


Much love
-M^3 :rzero:
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Really flippin' cool!