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Fawkes vs Basilisk 'sketch'

By Mablox
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Right, I just had to get this out of my head, done it in the past half hour and its getting late now. Strangely I was in work yesterday and one of the kids wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets....terrible I know, being paid to watch HP.:boogie: I didnt think much of him in the book but I simply love Fawkes in the film...even though he does look a bit too wonky at times, but I think that adds to the overall thingy. This is the best bit in the film hee hee

*whistles Fawkes theme*

phew, its done and now I can live
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Basilisk is now blind, without big yellow eyes.
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I love Fawkes' wings and tail feathers. the colors are really nice, too.
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I thought Fawkes looked weird in the movie too. I, like several others, am a fan of HP. :)
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I love this, I could tell what it was right away from the preview. Big fan of Harry Potter, I simply devour the books, I can never seem to finish them fast enough. I like the movies too, though they're slightly dissapointing, they just change and cut out too much, should've made them 3 hours long, like LOTR.
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best bit of the film? methink ur forgetting luscious malfoy no?
nice phoenix thurr... shakin his tailfeathers n all.
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Nah I love the bit when he's poking his eyes out, shame its in silouhette, but harry would be dead I suppose if he looked. Yes, Mr Isaacs was good, but I'm not biased in that way;)
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speaking of, i should really collect that standee.
watched hp2 again yester, tho was cuz my sis put it on - i was all for watching fear and loathing in las vegas, cuz we'd juz watched cube. got them two and goonies for a quid each at me mums school fair. noice!
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very traumatic stuff here david :)

i love the old-fashioned look
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Bah, well, they'd never get away with gore in the films themselves 'unfortunately'

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*That's* how the Basilisk should look. Whatever happened to the large eyes eh? Like some kinda comedy in the film - All happening off-screen with comical silouettes, "Oh no, the Basilisk has lost it's eyes!" , something along those lines.
Looks a lot nastier in your drawings, good good. Fawkes was great, love his theme ;) Like the tail feathers!
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I imagined the thing with enormous eyes, glowing, with a big flat face, and more snakeish-looking. And the chamber is a lot smaller and claustrophobic, not a glorified sewer:rage:. 'Your bird may have blinded the baslilisk...but it can still HEAR YOU!':o Looking at it now it looks a bit too much H.R. Giger-ish, with all the nostrils.
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man, if Fawkes and the basilisk looked that awesome in the movie then i'd like CoS much better :D :D :D i love how this looks!! you made them look amazing :glomp: and i most definately love the coloring :hug: rock freakin on :nod: another :+favlove: :dance:
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Heehee, thanks a lot:D the Harry Potter films have got some weird concept designers, though they gave the basilisk a crown, which its supposed to have, but your'e right, both looked key.

thanks again
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lol, 'off key' is putting it lightly ;)
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Fantastic! I love the sketchy look to this - and I can't believe it took you half and hour!? That's good goin'! Fawkes looks cool, especially that tail - could spin round and smack that Basilisk in the face. ;) This Basilisk also looks a lot scarier than the sock puppet in the film. ;D
Mablox's avatar
my god you still up!?:o. Aargh, no you dont know how much I needed to get this out of my system, had the fawkes tune in my head since yesterday:p the basilisk in the film is terrible, and looks 'exactly' like godzilla (the crappy 1998 film I mean)
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Yeah, didn't go to bed til late last night; wasn't tired! Hah you're right, it *does* have the same sorta look to it. :O Originality running low, eh?
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