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DC, Marvel:
Poison Ivy by MabirunaCatwoman by MabirunaBatman by MabirunaGo go, Quicksilver by Mabiruna
Deadpool by MabirunaDeadpool lady by Mabiruna
HQ, Joker, more Quicksilver - soon enough.

Leliana by MabirunaThe Lion of Ferelden by MabirunaDread Wolf by Mabiruna
Smiling Curly by MabirunaWant some street magic? by MabirunaTali Zorah by Mabiruna 
Hope to draw Josephine, Morrigan, Isabella, soon enough - Varric. Garrus?...

Just Vader by MabirunaJedi concept for one nice man by Mabiruna
A lot of arts about zee Light Side - in project. Episode 7 new arts - soon.

Ahri by MabirunaJinx/Ziggs valentine's day card :D by Mabiruna
Sona, Jinx - in work. Ziggs - coming soon. Others... I'll see, Katarina. However, LoL must be a big branch of arts from me. 

Wo? by MabirunaBismarck by MabirunaSoromon no akumu, miseteageru by Mabiruna

Widowmaker by MabirunaOverWatch. Mercy. by Mabiruna

Suggestions? I can't promise I'll draw whatever you'll ask in this fandoms, but if it is in my long plans, I'll say it.

It's hard to understand, but I won the bioware russian community contest I wrote about in January O___O
There were a lot of amazing artworks I adore. But... My Varric won the contest :D
Maker, when will it end? by Mabiruna
Here it is. 
The next DA works will be portraits with: Cassandra, Morrigan, Dorian, maybe even more Cullen and Solas.
By the way I NEED to keep up my work in comic, so I should do something for :iconalexiuss:.
Plans plans plans...
I'm so happy about contest ~___~
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The main thing I often say to my artworks: I Love You. And I mean it. I should say it everytime. I should mean it, really. Because If I don't love my artwork, my baby, it will never be beautiful and cool. I should love every touch in it or change something in better way to love it more. That is the answer on many questions about art. When you love your artwork, you will not be lazy, you will paint everything as good as you can. You'll create miracle. Miracle you love.
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I need to finish some arts for art contest. I can't show it to anybody, so I'll be busy for a few days (no arts from me yea). I'll try to finish 1-2 another arts, but I'm sick so not sure.
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Ya know what?
I spoke with :iconalexiuss: once about music and it's effects on my imagination.
Actually I can create whatever I want without music. But there's sooo much Ideas in my head for one actual moment, so I can't catch the right one sometimes.
So I thought about it. How to explain the way...
And I want to start some kind of game.
I just need to decide about size of it now. Imagine: You need to turn your player on random and listen to your music. Some songs in it will give you pictures in your minds, just catch it, sketch it all in a strip and then draw the lovely one with all your inspiration as an artwork. 10 sketches for ten songs I guess will be enough.
It's the perfect way to look how people find imagination in their lovely music. With different story-lines, characters, styles, emotions.
I'm sure, I should do it and start this idea).
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Wanna see me? Going to London in the end of October? Even to MCM comic con? Living there maybe? I'll be with Romantically Apocalyptic team there at 24-26th. 
Hi guyzzz.
I'm alive, I have some big problems with my internet =(. I have a LOT of great artworks for you. And I'll upload it all as soon, as I'll be back.
Hal, can't read it now. I'll answer as soon as possible.
Hey there. Is there anybody from LA?…

This dog is missing :( (Sad)... 
I'm from Russia, I can't help by myself. But I'm very grateful to Hemi's owner. Please, if you can help them anyway, do it. 
I've lost my lovely dog once. It was terrible... I found him. And I wish, they'll find Hemi too. But we all just need more people to do it.
I just need to show you o.o It's my great friend, Claire. She's great cartoonist! I love her style, her gothic atmosphere. Her arts are alive, beautiful, strong in style and simply great! Also, she has a great realistic style, not only cartoon o.o 
It's :iconklar-jezebeth:! go and give her your great hugs and favs
Useless by Klar-Jezebeththe King by Klar-Jezebeth
Queen Chrysalis by Klar-JezebethBleed by Klar-Jezebeth

She also did GREAT portrait of my mass effect OC Jeraltin!
Jeraltin by Klar-Jezebeth
And there she is.
KJ - an ARTist by Klar-Jezebeth
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While I'm ill again, as always at the middle of the summer (so don't worry), I want to show you an artwork of a nice artist :iconeverybery: 
It's Hansel from "Witch Hunters". And this artwork looks very good. One more interesting Russian artist in this world, yuppy! Go and give him your favs and hugs :D (especially If you are a "Supernatural"'s fan!)  Also, you'll find a lot of interesting things in his gallery =)
Hansel by Everybery
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I feel so lonely and miserable...
just sitting all alone here. repainting my old artworks. "artworks", though. 
It's even cold here. And dark. There're no Vit, Artem or Snip, no Hally, no Igni, there's my dear Claire, but I don't want to bother her too much with my depression. I have some more luck, so I can't complain, that there's something wrong.
Alone and miserable. There's only me, my "artwork" with Liara and my martini/cola. Emptynesssssssss
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Pilot loves you by Mabiruna
click on the image, it's a gif animation)
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If it will be interesting for someone, I have a twitter.

It would be nice, if someone will read me there))) I feel so lonely(.
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I've done great pdf book of greetings on Ian McKellen's birthday!) He have it now, as I know already. How Nice! Interesting, what will he say?) I've not slept  4 days. Now, after few hours of sleeping I feel like I was in camotoze for a week. I just opened my eyes with "whaaaa..... is this sunday? Monday? SATURDAY??? How"
Uh...... I'll make jpg mix of pages to show you.
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People, I'm still alive.
I need to end my graduation project (or how you call this shit?), that's why I'm so silent now.
I have a letter I Need to answer, but I just can't sit here and write anything.
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Suddenly decided to post here all my RA. Just to see it all again)
Fly, my dear baby by Mabiruna   Silent question WHAT by Mabiruna   Lifalope's work by Mabiruna   Dangerous Pilot by Mabiruna
Engie's disaster by Mabiruna   Hiding from emptyness by Mabiruna   Poor Engie by Mabiruna
Captain by Mabiruna   bye bye Pilot by Mabiruna   Mr Snippy for Snippy by Mabiruna  
Moment by Mabiruna careful with radioactive brands by Mabiruna Wasteland by Mabiruna
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#1 You must post rules
#2 Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
#3 Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
#4 You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
#5 Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

5 random things about me:
1. oh come on... I love old guys with beards :D
2. I have airsoft SVD rifle named "Mucha"
3. I'm too clever to post something stupid when I'm drunk.
4. except deers...

1) Do you want DA existing on your language or any language you love?
Nope :D I love english, as my own. But... sometimes it's really hard to explain DA to russian-speaking person. I have a lot of them, so maybe only for another people - on Russian, yep. But not for me)
2) How many types of butterflies do you know?
Hmmm... let me count please :D 2? I had a collection of paper butterflies. I knew some of them few years ago. Now I just can't remember. Only Papilio machaon and Pieris brassicae (for russian people: капустница. for english-speaking people: Cabbage Butterfly).
3) What color do our space-brothers have?
Skin color? I BELIEVE IN SALARIA-RIA-RIANS! So, a lot of colors, yes. I've seen blue, red, brown, green, violet, pink, yellow, gray, black salarians)
4) The best Halloween movie?
I've never seen Halloween movies, lol :D
5) Pumpkin or marrow?
MARROW. I hate the taste of pumpkin... And this smell, yeah. I still remember the times, when mother held my nose to push pumpkin into my mouth. Brrrrrr
6) Do you love persimmon?
I'm eating it now. One of my fav fruits)
7) Hm... Do you join in a song you listen, when you draw? (you listen to them, don't ya?)
When I draw. When I'm in the car. When I... Gosh, I sing everywhere. Anytime.
8) Do you like questions like "your fav something..."?
Hm, it makes me think about what I really like in some kind of things. Useful.
9) 22:22 ?
time to draw!
10) What deers means to you?
Oh dear deer, you mean a lot, you are my life, all that I've got.. I'm drunk, okay...
11) Tell us about something interesting on your desktop?
desktop? 3 unfinished fan-episodes of RA I guess... or car concept. Or 15 arts I've not uploaded here yet? I have only artworks and psd files on my desktop)

I will not tag anybody or ask my own questions. I'm very busy for it now)