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yes hello i make stuff (very occasionally)



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i don't post here
happy potato.gif


i saw this from roti so why not

[ ] You smile at strangers

[ ] You are a social butterfly

[?] You laugh at least five times a day 
(sometimes, sometimes not Shrugs )

[ ] You ask 
to pet strangers' dogs 

[?] You have a pet
(i borrow my grandparents' cat)

[ ] You have hung out with a friend this week

[ ] People compliment you often 

[ ] You like babies
(not even the jelly kind)

[ ] You love skinship 

[ ] You admire yourself in the mirror at least once a week 

💛Joy Total: 0+2/2 = 1

[ ] You cry easily 

[ ] You have/had depression

[ ] You've been to a funeral

[ ] You wish you had/didn't have siblings 

[ ] You watch sad videos/listen to sad music solely for the purpose to cry 

[ ] You aren't happy with your body

[ ] You've had suicidal thoughts 

[?] You feel tired often
(just on weekday mornings but that's natural)

[?] You get grades you aren't happy with
(well, personally i don't care too much, but they're not too perfect so half on that too)

[ ] You don't have a skill/hobby 

💙Sadness Total: 0+2/2 = 1

[ ] You have a bad temper 

[ ] You punch things when you're angry

[x] You can't stand a certain person

[ ] You rant often 

[ ] You sometimes get so frustrated you want to cry 

[ ] You get angry over little things 

[?] You hate school
(well, it's very flawed, but i don't really hate it either)

[ ] You have to take deep breaths to calm yourself down 

[ ] You roll your eyes often

[ ] You get called 'rude' or 'mean' often

❤️Anger Total: 1+1/2=1.5

[ ] You can't sleep without a night light

[ ] You're often paranoid about being watched 

[ ] You jump when you hear loud sounds

[ ] You won't go in the deep end of the pool

[x] You dislike going on amusement park rides
(the tall spinning hammer of doom one, at least)

[ ] You hate going on planes

[ ] You shake/shiver when you're scared

[ ] You cannot sleep when they are dolls in the room

[] You've been called a 'scaredy cat' 

[ ] You can't go in haunted houses 

💜Fear Total: 1

[ ] You gag when you smell something bad

[ ] You're a picky eater

[ ] You can't handle the sight of guts/blood
(it's gross but i can handle it)

[ ] You hate it when people wear bad outfits 

[ ] You say 'ew' often

[ ] You get motion sickness easily

[ ] You hate babies because "they're gross"

[ ] Cheesy romance movies make you cringe
(i don't go near them so no idea)

[ ] You dislike greasy food

[ ] You have more than two phobias 

💚Disgust Total: 0

(oh hey it's the colours from inside out, neat)

💖Overall Total: 4.5

Now multiply your total by 2

💝New total: 9%

whoa, that's less than i expected
i'm not gonna tag people, but if you want to, you can do it too 

  • Playing: Potato Man™ The Game 1: The Original
  • Drinking: water


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habbi birth date my friendo 
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Hello!! I don't want to bother you, but I need to tell you that!! I have a friend that lives in an abusive home, she need help… It doesn't need to be money, my friend has a Youtube channel, any subscriber will help a lot because she really needs it to prove her abusive parents they are wrong! Just help her please!! You don't need to watch every video, just subscribe in her channel:…

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