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Warhammer 40,000: Covert Operations



A set of house rules, based on the kill team rules found in the 4th edition rulebook.
For full discussion about these rules, follow this link:…

Also check out Narric's page, he has been really helpful

V1.4 change list
- Changed name to Covert Operations
- Fixed contents page
- Fortifications are now placed by the player’s that bought them, rather than all being placed by the defender
- Shield generators can now be destroyed
- Added more scenarios
- Added reference page
- Added back cover
- Added long narrative piece (Blood in the Night, by Narric)
- Added three short narrative pieces (two by Tybalt Defet and one by Chris)
- Added a random quote in the vehicle section
- Template weapons grant a klaxon counter on a 4+, not a 5+
- Template weapons are restricted for kill teams the same way as high strength weapons or weapons that can fire more than three shots

V1.3 change list
- Started properly keeping track of updates :P
- Layout fix (removed blank page)
- Cover saves may prevent klaxon counter being accrued
- Kill Teams may reduce the klaxon count by avoiding detection
- Points limits changed
- Removed roster sheet (people tend to make their own anyway)
- ‘Playing a Game’ section added
- Victory points for primary and secondary mission objectives added

V1.2 change list
- Introduction Page
- Layout Changes (I still have more to do, but I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible before the next playtest)
- Simplified corpse rules
- Minor changes to when Klaxon counters are gained
- Warlord traits
- Added Medical Station special terrain
- Slight change to how the "Still Not Dead" heroic action works
- Kill Teams now get 5 narrative points as standard, rather than 3

V1.1 change list
- significant layout changes. Contents page added
- various changes to force creation rules
- rules for corpses added
- boss renamed to base leader
- various typos fixed
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