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Today I created a facebook page for my photography. If you leave your facebook page in a comment I will check your page out. I'm curious to see other pages!

Here's a small feature of trully magical artwork. I wish I were as good as those amazing photographers!

:bigthumb324556398: Syll by AngelikaZbojenska
:bigthumb324864646: abstract of desert by sultan-alghamdi
We Are Fragile by wchild :bigthumb315011777:
Sand... by WWWest Pulsatilla vulgaris 2012 IV by Aphantopus
Schoorl Sunset by soulofautumn87 Opposite by y5y6

I'm also working on a website for my photography, please tell me what you think:
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Lovely feature. I really like your fb page.
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Amazing feature :love:
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Thank you, I love these amazing photographers!
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Ooh, I love the grey background, it contrasts very nicely with your colourful photography, and that type of green looks great with grey! :)
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Ahh that's good to hear, thank you for letting me know!
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Thank you very much for the feature!
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[link] is my very very new FB photography page lol. I'm a work in progress overall. I think for your website, the light border would be better if it just bordered the image, and not the quote. And in my experience a black background is simple but really allows the image to stand out against it. Also try to stay away from flash if possible, it's slower to load and viewers like simple and quick and easy navigation.
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Thank you so much for the advice. I definately won't use flash! Your facebook photography page is very nice. :D
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Thank you! Maybe when I get as good as you I will make a website one day lol.
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I don't have a Facebook page yet, because I'm wary about posting things on a publicly on Facebook. A lot of people there don't have the same respect for copyrighted work that an artist community like dA does. I like the photo and quote on your website, but I don't like the grey background :( Your photos are so colourful and magical and so full of life, the grey doesn't really suit it. More colour would be nicer :)
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Thanks a lot for the comment about my website! The idea was to keep the website simple so it would not distract from the photography. My photos are colourful so they should bring the colour to the website. :D I will take it into consideration though :love:
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Simplicity is always good when it comes to photos, so the photos stand out :) I think white or black would look better though. To me, grey looks dull and bland. White and black can be any colour, just at max and 0 brightness. But that's me :)
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Thank you, I will try that out too!
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Liked your page ages ago, but you inspired me to make my own :) Here's mine! [link]
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Ik heb je FB geliked :heart: en je website ziet er leuk uit! Mooi, strak, gewoon classy. Altijd goed! =) is m'n FB, daar staat ook meer recent werk op, dan hier op dA =D
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Ik heb je facebook ook geliked, je hebt er echt prachtige foto's op staan!!
Je maakt ook hele mooie foto's van mensen. Iets dat ik nog niet kan en durf. ;)
Hoop dat er snel meer foto's op komen te staan. :dance:
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haha echt zo lief! dankjewel :hug: ik weet zeker, 200% zeker, dat als jij aan de slag gaat met mensen, er prachtige plaatjes uit komen. (ik sta wel model XD) maar serieus. de skills heb je sowieso. en je hebt al prachtige foto's met mensen! en de durf... tsja, die ontbreekt bij mij ook nog wel 'ns :")

ik hoop er vanavond wat meer op te zetten van afgelopen zomer! fotografeer jij trouwens veel 's ochtends? ik probeer dat wel eens, maar m'n bed ligt veuls te lekker O.o haha.

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Thanks a lot! I've already been following your photography page for a while, it's very nice!
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Wait, you're better than all of the featured photographers, what's the hell ? You're amazing, don't worry about that, nobody can beat you!
For the Facebook Page, I'm Elias Rahal, if you didn't see, and your page looks really beautiful, much better than other pages on Facebook. But be careful, on Facebook everyone can steal your pics, they don't have pity, be really careful ^^
Here's the link to mine, even if I left it since six mounth I'm gonna start it again, if you wanna check : [link] and if you liked, that would be a huge honour to be followed by a so great artist, but you're not forced :) and once more, the pics that are published are old, so I will submit new ones^^

And beautiful website, link us when that would be finished, sure thing I'll have a look :)
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Thanks a lot for the kind comment and for liking my page. Your facebook page is very nice too, I see you're adding new photos. Keep them coming! I follow your facebook too now by the way. :D
The featured photographers are such an inspiration to me, I'm not better! But that's your opinion. ;)
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