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The eagle and the horse


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The eagle and the horse


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Colossal Forest

Magic Forest

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Stunning Photography

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The Tide

Nature's soft colours

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postcards from july

Misc photography

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Way to the deepness


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Legs, hair, and back


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Anatomy Lessons: How to improve faster in 6 steps!

'Life Drawing 5' by algaegoblin ( Do you know how to sketch human figures but do you want to refine your anatomy skills? Or do you not know anatomy at all and you are tired to trust your imagination? Did you notice you create disproportions in your drawings? If you are aspiring artists and you already have your own style, you might as well believe you have no need of a guide, but you are wrong. Before exaggerating human proportions and begin to have your own style, you first have to know the basics. This little guide is the result of an accurate research and 5 years of high school of art, and it's created for all those who want to learn s


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tree structure III


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Inktober day 15: Relax


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Emerald Dream

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Concerning Hobbits

Devious Collection

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A mantra of Peace and Happiness tattoo 2


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When Flowers Whisper

Platonica Moodboard

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Watercolor Bear

Watercolour Inspiration

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