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Welcome! Maybe you've been involved in HARPG before or you've just come across it, but here you are! Maarlos horses are a closed breed that aim to produce unique and gentle horses with sure-footedness and great stamina.
You can either show your horse traditionally - show jumping, cross country, etc - or you can participate in the world of the Maarlos.

You can find more information here and if you have any questions, please ask!

1. How to get a horse
- Horses are imported semi-regularly and can be bought with DA points, USD or through a draw-to-adopt.  (You are required to draw the horse to win it)
- Horses may be raffled at events
- Users may trade or sell their horses
- Starter packages in the shop will include semi-customs or imports

2. Registering your horse
Once you have a horse, you must register them before you can collect experience points, use shop items on it, breed it etc. To register your horse, you need to draw a fullbody image of them and submit to the group with information. You must have drawn the image, no free linearts allowed. Tracing allowed, references must be credited. There is no time limit of when you need to get the reference up, but if you register your horse within 30 days after you have adopted it, you'll get a bonus of 100 coins to spend at the shop!

Basic information required:

ID number:
Show name:
Stable name:

Import design:

Rider age:


3. Using your horse
Once you've registered your horse, you can now show them, breed them, write about them, draw them, etc! Go for it!

3a. ARPG
If you enjoy world building and story lines, join the ARPG! The world of the Maarlos is a vast and beautiful place, with many skills to master. You can choose a pathway to train your horse, some will have different aptitudes but you can choose what to train them in! Each skill level will have rewards and special gear to achieve.

For ARPG world, ranks, levels and skills, please go here:… &…
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Submitted on
January 27, 2018