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Published: September 10, 2009
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"Eye told yuu eye'm the strongest!"

Yesterday's Queen of Hearts, Cirno the Ice Fairy.

Because The lack of diversity in pictures of her posted yesterday pissed me off. Really, does everyone have to make her all moe or retarded? So how about a small show of power on her side? You bet she'd kick your ass, dear ♥

Did I overdo it? Most probably, yes. But I don't regret, and quite honestly, I rather like the idea. Cirno who can actually really kill you. Retarded, but she kicked Yama's butt didn't she? ♥

Cirno (Touhou) (c) ZUN
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Well, now Cirno is new Santa.
Merry Christmas and happy New Santa.
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BoggeyDanHobbyist General Artist
The ⑨ herself may not be truly one of the sharpest tools in the shed, but she's a VERY sharp tool, alright. Just look at some peoples' experiences just battling against her in EoSD or the like. :iconcirnotrollfaceplz:
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I know, right? Sad thing is, I'm among the people who had their asses handed to them by her on the second stage... in normal mode no less. They say the Icicle fall is one of the easiest spells but it does me in half the time! |D
Though at least in Phantasmagoria she's not as much challenge anymore... it does however make one wonder how in the world did she manage to beat the Yama XD
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KageRyu798Hobbyist General Artist

Because Cirno is simply awesome like that no matter how stupid she is.
Yeah, this is probably a bit overkill, but still has the awesomity intact.

I own with Cirno in Hisoutensoku, which makes up for my lack of skill in the shooter games.
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MaikochanRiot Digital Artist
yandere cirno? D:
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I don't see why not ♥
Though I honestly don't know myself, if I made her into a yandere or into a yangire at this point.. lD
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MaikochanRiot Digital Artist
i created charecters but non of them seem fit to be insane XD
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I found myself capable of turning a rather fair amount of characters into yan kinds 8'D I mean.... most the Touhou cast is just perfect for it. Heck, even my OC Kokoro, though he's pretty sweet otherwise, can have his little psycho moments;;; I guess it's just a matter of putting a character in the right kind of situation? XD
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I see people are asking about anime and's true they don't have an official version of either, but you need to remember the Advent Cirno comics and the single-episode Fanime on Youtube.xP

Anyway, it's nice to see Cirno's dark side once in a blue moon (pun not intended). Fabulous job. ^^
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Well but the original Touhou isn't manga/anime, and as much as fan creations can be fun, they are more than often very inaccurate lD I myself started off from the doujins, but found original characterisations more than often better than fanon ones...
Aren't there actually three animes out by now? The one episode thing, Touhou Side Story (which sucks so hard I can't believe it's possible), and that one longass music clip...

And thank you so much~! >u< ♥
KitsuneEXE's avatar
I know that it doesn't have a manga/anime that follows the plotline of any of the games, but it's still brilliant that they can portray the characters in a completely different situation and make it seem good enough so you don't go "that sucks ass". I mean, there's fanart of the Advent Cirno series, even cosplays, so I'd say it wasn't that much of a fail.xP

I've only heard of the single episode one (it needs more Cirno and Flandre). I'll have to look into the others.xP

Oh, you're very welcome.:D
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I never said "Advent Cirno" is fail, because it's pretty much as far from it as possible XD I myself enjoyed it a lot, as well as a few other doujins - though those were one-shots. Still, many really do just butcher the personalities and screw up the Gensokyo/rules of Touhou itself lD One of the doujins I enjoy a lot personally tough are Chado's *u* Gods that guy sure as hell can draw, and the ideas he comes up with are just... ♥ absolutely won't lose a thing if you don't see Touhou Side Story. It's been a while since I saw something suck ass THAT hard, I swear.... =A= Though I guess it's a matter of taste, to a degree, but seriously, they absolutely fucked that one up DX Graphics, style, chara-design, voices, music, story.... orz
KitsuneEXE's avatar
Oh yes, Advent Cirno was a brilliant idea. Chado?:?

If it sucks out loud that much, I won't even bother watching the first episode, then.xDD
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Yup. Otherwise known as Tohonifun. He drew Yuka VS Yukari (and YukaXYukari later lD), Wriggle VS the SDM, entire epic series of doujin that focus mainly on Yukari, Mokou VS Kaguya...

It only has one episode, it's something like a motion picture... XD Seriously though, putting there Mokou was such a WTF, she was OOC, too, at that... and the voices hurt my ears lD
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Sounds worth looking for.xD I'll definately look at it.
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Touhouwiki should have it, for all I recall 'u'
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Your coloring is so awesome! *D*
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Why, thank you so much dear~ ;u; ♥
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you're welcome~ xD :heart:
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Wut D: Czekaj...coś ty zrobiła z Cirno?
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Zrobiłam z niej kogoś kim zawsze chciała być! 8D
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