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Finally, an associate of Skye appears! Her name is May for now.

She's the sniper of the group, and shoots left handed. If assigned to a job, she's usually backed up by Skye (maybe), even though he's useless haha. She doesn't talk at all and is quite insecure about her body so she wears heavy/thick clothing and stuff.

I designed May along with the rest of Skye's syndicate team a long time ago, but I've never used them in a story before. Only May has appeared in comic form, though it was just one panel.

Rah I was so lazy with this picture...
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Hmm....I do like snipers....(Came here from End Zone if your wondering why I'm commenting here.)
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This is a brilliant image 83

I love the way the character was drawn, the pose, the way she is positioned, everything is class =3
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Left handed you say?... Uh oh lol
Now I GOTTA post something
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this is seriously awesome!
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Awesome this looks great.
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she's left handed.

now she HAS to fight Black.
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Ohhohoho, that would be epic.
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If you shoot left handed don't you have to use your left eye? When I shoot right handed I have to use my right eye.
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Yep, she uses her left eye.
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is she left-eye blind or that patch hides something?
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The patch gives her an optical enhancement, kind of like a bionic eye...maybe.
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she looks like she colud kick poor skye's
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Haha, that's a funny thought.
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yeah...i noticed that skye seems to get hit in the face alot in your commics too... XD
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Aww awesome! She looks great!
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Why is May has to be insecure of her body? It's not like she has cellulites or stretchmarks rite? ^^;

anyway, I like the colors you use. and the lack of bg (lol, I'm always lazy to draw bg as well) doesn't substract the aesthethic value imho...

pardon my english ^^; I know it sucks!
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She has a lot of scars on her body, actually.
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