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Endzone Round 4: 7-9

By Ma-sterSolly
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Endzone Round 4

As you can see I ran out of has been overwhelming these past weeks. I'm really sorry I couldn't complete this to the best of my ability, especially to Unknown-person and Endling. Ahh if only I had more free time...

Pages 0-3: [link]
Pages 4-6: [link]
Pages 7-9: [link]

Climber created by :iconunknown-person:
Skye created by :iconma-stersolly:
Red, Rosie and Posie created by :iconendling:

Endzone hosted by :iconendling:
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Question: What is a lolicon?
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By default? Seriously, by default? It's another one who lost this way during round four. Geez, if there were more than one person late on such level of tournament you should have recieved like a week of extra time.
Mononoke-Phaux's avatar
Gotta love them lolicons...
L-Rossfellow's avatar
Lulz. It's a double date. :P
kudaji's avatar
very nice .any tips on how to go about starting a page of manga?
subakunokasai's avatar
awwwww.... meeeeeaaaannn....shhhhhiiiteeehhhh....
Sebbythefreak's avatar
I'm not sure I understood everything that happened, but it looked cool XD
nekonyaanyaa's avatar
I am lolicon too :D!!
dictatorofrandomosia's avatar
Aww, shame you couldn't finish this. Still a magnificent effort, though, and I adore that last panel. :heart: Really, great job on this- it'd be very cool f you could finish it. :) And I love the beginning, with OMG. XD
Also... Rosie and Posie... I can really see how much effort you put into this. :D
deideigoboom's avatar
You did a really amazing job on this one! I love how you included Rossie,Posie (Rosie and Posie's characters were perfect, or at least in my opinion) and Red. Your style is amazing and the way you capture all of the details in each character is perfect. (you really captured Posie's sorrowful expression)
You should ask Endling if you could finish this even though the deadline has passed. :D
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It's okay, sir! It was an honor to battle you. Skye is awesome. And you did a wonderful job so far. I love your style, your humor ("oh, why", "is definitanely a lolicon" ahaha), the backgrounds (I must learn how to do perspective that well), everything tied up in a beautifully immersive comic.

I hope you keep doing more artwork featuring Skye, the guy deserves it.

See ya
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It's sad that you weren't able to finish, you were one of my favourite contestants. But I hope you'll draw lots more - Skye is an awesome character (lolicon wtf xDD) and you art style is so dark, and gritty, and good.
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man, i gotta tell you, i LOVE the way you draw and tone, it's like a mix between Ashly Wood and that guy that draws blade of the jagged and hot at the same time...
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Skye is amazing...give this doughnut for me would you? -hands over moudly dougnut
silver-seren's avatar
Its so sad that you weren't able to finish. Skye is totally awesome!
avodkabottle's avatar
Aaw, that's unfortunate. You were my favourite contestant. :)
I look forward to seeing more art from you.
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well of course climbers in this its part of the tourney between skye and climber ^_^;

do these late pages count in the tourney is the real question
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Sweet Climber is in this!
Keep it up,I wanna see what happens next.^^
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