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Endzone Round 3: 7-9

By Ma-sterSolly
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Endzone Round 3

Pages 0-3: [link]
Pages 4-6: [link]
Pages 7-9: [link]

Baghead created by :iconsketchfighter316:
Hero and Doyo created by :iconcarico:
Hazuki created by :iconcrossmirage:
Skye created by :iconma-stersolly:

Endzone hosted by :iconendling:
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loolz...the expresion on skye's face at the end was priceles! great job man!
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Gahahaha, that was awesome as hell. Your art is really good. Comic is actiony. Good luck. *Exaggerated anime thumbs up*
"I choose you!"
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Um, yeah. Just want to post a different comment. Anyway, i was wonderin how you got the blue effect along with the white and black...the blue curtain or whatever...i'm not trying to use your secrets, i just want to know how you got that effect so that i might apply to my work if i'm able to...just an artist lookin for some modifications
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Sorry about the late reply..
The way I did it (in photoshop) was add a Hue/Saturation layer above whatever I wanted to have a colored effect, then adjust the values to the color that I wanted. Another way to do it is flattening your image, then go to Image> Adjustments > Hue/Saturation, select the 'colorize' option and then adjust the values.
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lol poor baghead ;P
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"wtf team kill"

That, sir, is made of win.
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the storydoen't wow me, but your artis that of a professional.
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"I did!" "...."

That part was classic. :3
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Hilarious! Your depiction of baghead was dead on the spot! Kudos to you and your success in the 3rd round!!:ahoy:
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XDD humorous and action packed? great combination ;o My favorite panel must be the sixth, Vlad's expression is priceless XD;
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I wish you best of luck, I've been rooting for you since the last round :D Bagheads comic isn't as good as this, so good luck :DDDDD
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haha, nice, panels are bootifewl!
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Hilaruous! Pokemon Baghead! The dumbs loss ever!
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