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I've recently created a zazzle store to showcase some of my designs of actual products. You can now own phones, tee-shirts, cards as well as a range of other products.

The first products are from the Nightmare line which show the darker illustrations.

To visit click here

Got lots going on at the moment after a self imposed lull. I'm working on a horror T-shirt using the skull I posted earlier for a local band. Am also starting on a page for the Science comic, working with a scientist from Newcastle University. Considering a few other strips to one for Trainee Space Chef and a follow up to The Best Man. Lots to do, but it's all good fun.
I've always been interested in what people look for in a pic and what they download my work for. My Space Zombie Sketch has had alot of downloads. I like the pic but I don't know why it has been downloaded so much. So if you do download any of my work could you drop me a line or add a comment letting me know what you're doing with it.
I'm just interested.
The year is now soon to be ended. So happy new year to everyone.
Next year looks like being a big year for me comicswise with some big plans and some good fun.
I've just finished drawing a six page zombie comic. This was for a new webcomic called Dead Roots. The script, Eleventh Plague, written by Darren Ellis, was good and after a while I got the hang of drawing is slightly differently to my normal style. The story is now being coloured by a lady whose name has slipped my mind.

Dead Roots is edited by Mike Garley and will soon be available on all types of electronic things. I'm not sure exactly how you get hold of a copy, you probably need an app or someother type of wizardry. At the moment it is planned as a 4 issue publication. Not sure what issue my strip will appear in. The other contributors' work that I've seen look amazing and there's some top-drawer folk involved.

I might post a few panels in a while but at the minute I'm just having a rest.

Dead Roots website
The zombie artwork is now finished and the editor is happy. Now waiting for it to be coloured and lettered. Also, the editor for a comic fanzine is very happy with Paul and my strip for an old UK comic character. Don't know when they'll both be available. Now on to do a 3 page A***cancer strip for Gordon, which should be online soon. After that I'm planning to do a couple of months of drawing practice, as I need the rest.
Well Canny Comic Con is on. The planned date is Dev 8th. We've got a venue and now the organisation starts. For me it means designing a poster or two. Last year it as a robot, dinosaur and cthulhu. I've finally got some ideas for this year's which I'm sketching out tonight.
Busy week drawing zombies and being interviewed by the Geek Syndicate website.

The zombie work is for an established webcomic, it involves art for a six page story. The editor wants the art in the style of my Food for the Dead comic. Which is dark with plenty of cross hatching. Pencilled five pages, will finish the last today.

Geek Syndicate were interviewing Gordon and I about our webcomic Arsecancer. It is always fun to be interviewed, makes me feel like a star. Sadly in the interview I sound like a nutter.

Another piece of good news, Canny Comic Con is on for 2012. What this space for more info.
Have spent a month frantically drawing a couple of strips. One's for a UK comic fanzine due out in a few weeks. Don't know if it's secret, but I'll wait til all the pages are lettered before posting some art here.

Started work drawing a zombie-themed webcomic should take a few weeks. The script looks nice. Got to start on the thumbs.
After a bit of a delay I am drawing comics again. I'm doing two which involve old British Comic characters from the 70s and updating them for publication. Could be thought of as fanart but but will be for publication and UK distribution.

Also, working on a pitch of a new Trainee Space Chef story for another UK comic. Thats one'sa bit further off.

All the scripts I've got are great and the deadlines look achievable.

Note to self: Just keep drawing.
After much trying I have finally managed to postsome cartoons on Bigstock. I have a number of cartoons of sportsmen and women which I did years ago. I've been looking for somewhere to put them and deviantART didn't seem quite right.

Here they are…
After several months of much bumbling around, a Comics Convention and a Day of Mini Comics, I'm re-focusing on creating artwork again.

There's a few comic projects bubbling along very slowly in the background. But I'm taking an opportunity to do some drawing for myself.
After much hassle, the printing of TAxonauts, Traineed Space Chef and Giga have all been completed. That only leaves Food for the Dead left.

All of these will be available at Thought Bubble and Canny Comic Con this year. After that I'll never print anything else ever again. My nerves are shot.
The booking for this year's Thought Bubble comic festival has arrived. I am sharing a table with Paul Thompson and Britt Coxon. Also there maybe an appearance from Matt who scripted Taxonauts with me.

I will be selling Taxonauts, Giga, Evolution & Beep as well as Girl on a Spring and Trainee Space Chef. These appeared in Daniel Clifford's A4 Comic, but he is it reprinting. If I really try I could get some more stuff produced maybe some Mini Comics or a collection of shorts. Am planning a second Trainee Space Chef with Quinston Q Blowfish, we've got some ideas, but this may not make it to TB.

It should be a great couple of days, plenty of sales and a few drinks in the evening.
The good news is the AC website is now running and has the first AC strip posted. It is called Waiting Room and is a bit tasteless. A few comments on Millarworld and good like review on Geek Syndicate.

The bad news is the site is now down as the bandwidth has been exceeded.

Nevermind, it'll get sorted.
AC superhero strip now written and sent to SlackerGordon. Also did a promotion poster for him which is fantastic.

Now working on my British Sci-fi comic to get it launched ready for Thought Bubble comic convention later this year.

Now working on a strip for the next Paperjam Comics anthology. The subject is alcohol and my strip is...worrying.
SlackerGordon liked my characters for our superhero short strip. Started on the pencils, full on OTT smach action.

He also said the site will be up for our secret project.
Good day drawing-wise. Drew a fantastic character sketch for my secret project with SlackerGordon. Then had a long call with him about all comicy stuff.

Was also in hospital, groped, jabbed, X-rayd then a pasty to unwind.
Platinum Memories done and posted. Wondering whether doing it was a good idea, but it's there now. See it here…

Inked a bit of a panel for my Sci Fi project. Ok-ish
Slow going with the comic. Did a Diary Zine titled 'Platinum Memories'. May post online soon.