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Sasuke x Sakura Animation 685

pretty good chapter i wanted to do more with the animation , i might edit it more later tonight or add an extra scene to it .

some edits that need to be done , it looks kinda pixelated on my pc ,but on my tv laptop it looks about right when zoomed , I got to scale it down .

edit : still shot
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woha awesome!
How you do these animations ?!
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I used photoshop 6 and edited it in after effect , ty 
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It might be a lot to ask but would you teach me how to do it in after effect ;3;?
Like a tutorial Q__Q?
That would help me so much u__u!
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oh , After Effect is a powerful tool ,so it means alot of confusing things on it for new users , I still struggle with it .   I did the animation,coloring, background on photoshop 
Then Exported jpeg animation (these days I export png animations)  and resized them to fit the 1920x1080 inside After effect , then made them pan and zoom out . But ur right a tutorial would be really helpful in showing the steps things can get confusing some time, I'll try to make one .
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I would highly appreciate that!
Oh my you're doing the animation in photoshop? that must took ages ;3;!
Do you do by any chance comissions?
Or would you be willing if I offer you a finished picture (or as psd. file) adding hair movements etc?

If not that would be okay as well! I am just searching for someone who can teach me or can help me out a bit (not for free ofc you would be paid)
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UAAAAAUU Great job!! It looks like from the really anime)))Shocked  
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thanks alot , very much appreciated 
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you are welcome))
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thanks alot ! :)
so goooood. omg
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thanks alot !!
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Wow this is amazing! Just to perfect!
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thanks alot !! :)
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thanks much appreciated 
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I made a deviantArt just so I could thankyou sooo thank you...Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] 
oh and now that I have an account I will explore this beautiful art of yoursHeart Heart Neptune Wink Icon 
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wow thanks so much , im really honored to hear that :) :D 
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after i've watch episode 373 and i've seen  how they ruined our ss moment i must say that this is better than studio pierrot !!!
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yea i know what u mean they didnt do our scenes justice in the anime 
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thanks alot ! much appreciated 
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