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what if.. deadpool and harley quinn had kids?...

for's the line it is drawn..

the theme this week... What if ___ and ____ had a baby?

check out the rest here! [link]

deadpool as al bundy.... getting no respect...
harley as peg
their kids... unholy terrors
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Ironically, they'll be a closer family then the Bundys.

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As long as none of his kids look like Walking Tumors like HE does!!
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oh i love this it makes so much sense
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If you had Dogpool or Harley's hyenas in here it would've been perfect.
Otherwise than that, outstanding work, as always.
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Agreed, plus Kidpool.
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Deadpool: what have I done. . .
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Me: want me to put you out of your misery?
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Deadpool: yes, please
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Me*burns him to ash*: there every single cell in your body is now ash and dead. You shouldn't come back from that
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Deadpool: finally I can be with lady death forever!
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Harley: Nooooooo!!! Please take care of the kids

Me: wait what? *Harley shoots her self to be with deadpool in the after life and doesn't care if she has To share* Well fuck
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Deadpool: well who's going to kill the kids then?
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Me: deadpool I'm not going to kill kids
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Then the worse is coming.

Very cool by the way :)
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HARLEY: "Deadpooly.... let's have sex!"
HIM (bored): "No, Peg."

HARLEY (taken aback): "Um, my name is Harley....?"
HIM (hello? bored!): "Um, whatever....?"
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Alternate line: Kids and alcohol, the best brain damage money can buy
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Haha Poor dead 😅
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I love this! My daughter and her fiance's wedding theme is Deadpool and Harley Quinn (classic). May I have your permission to print and hang this awesome drawing of yours at their wedding?
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How many of them are hostages?
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I love how deadpool is in that pose the husband in love and marriage.
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Wouldn't that be against the laws of everywhere?
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I want kiddie names!
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