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venom x braces

venom trying to improve that trademark smile
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This is how I’m gonna feel like in braces. Hilarious!

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I can't stop laughing. This is pure gold :XD:
TheGoldenKeyblade's avatar
Awesome!! Dem braces better do Venom justice! XD
When you wake up, and this is right in front of you.....
elperico13's avatar
hahahaha thats good ha
tigergirl48051's avatar
This is awesome. Sorry Venom..... Braces happen to the best of us
kaaslave's avatar
I now have a mental image of Spider-Man laughing his ass off. :XD:
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
Ugh... brings back such painful memories. Let me tell you, those rubber bands SUCk!
Shembre's avatar
Hehehe! I like this a lot :D
Kaedegirl's avatar
this is disturbing and funny! funsturbing! I love how cute his braces are and how monstrous he is! well done sir!
mylilones's avatar
This is hilarious. I think his smile is a lost cause though. LOL.
DarthWill3's avatar
Too cool and funny!
derfs51's avatar
That's a good one, man! XD!
ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
Braces are hell to clean anyday. Venom with those fangs and that sludge he spews... think it's fair to say he's got it worse off than most.
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This is great. My brother had braces. I'm going to send this to him. 
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F by nhok9
you sir are awesome !
m7781's avatar
hahahh no!.. it is you who is awesome!
nhok9's avatar
find ... then i guess we have to share the awesomeness then xD
neallie's avatar
well... creepy 
m7781's avatar
ahhaah creepy for now.. this is the "before" picture... 
hell have a perfect smile soon... jk
92mechas's avatar
aww but venom your pearly yellows won't have the same "I'm going to kill you" glow.
m7781's avatar
ahhahaahaha pearly yellows!
so good!
92mechas's avatar
thanks, I try to be >u<
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
I love it. Brings back memories of my own braces time.
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