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v for vendetta x wolverine

For's the line it is drawn week #299
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brilliant idea and graphics!!
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Interesting mash-up.
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I can't seem to find the list for the The Line It Is Drawn or evn the archives! Does anyone know where I could see them?
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I love this art, can you do a amalgam of dr.doom and the joker
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whoa.. that would be cool... 
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"Remember, remember the 5th of *SNICKT-SNICKT*!"
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What a great mashup!
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real glad you dig it!
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real glad you like this!
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You're welcome. :D

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Awesome as always man, always killing it :).
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glad you like this man! going to be at fan expo?
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Yeah for sure man, yeah Friday and Sunday :).
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Pretty damn awesome composition done here!
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ultra glad you like this one man!
thanks for the kind words!
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this should be a shirt!
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ultra glad you like this man!
shirt... maybe!
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This is only partly Wolverine, half if you will.
Logan was originally named as Weapon X, but as previously stated, this is only half Wolverine.
Wolverine divided by 2.
Weapon X divided by 2.
X in Roman Numerals equals 10.
10 divided by 2/halved equals 5
5 in Roman Numerals equals... V :D (Big Grin) 

*Cue Silence, Cricket Noises and Tumbleweed* Worst... Mathematical Formula... ever Ashamed

BTW - not that I can say anything to make up for that awful joke - the blood covered arms forming the 'V' was genius Nod 
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dude!! i like what you did there...
its wolverine... mashed up with V... 
so half of wolverine
digs the equation.. you win!
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They do have similar origins as far as the government experimentation thing goes. Really nice tribute to both characters :clap:
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