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thor and loki: step brothers

By m7781
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will ferrell as thor
john c. reilly as loki
for comicbookresources.com the line it is drawn
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Too bad Will Ferrel isn't Loki, then we would have gotten-
Loki: I'm gonna go upstairs, and I'm gonna put my NUTSACK, on your HAMMER!
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one of my favorite scenes for sure!
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Ikr! XD
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LOL  Good one!
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NekosatsuStudent General Artist
Step brothers is one of my favorite movies!
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me too!
let's do karate in the garage!
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NekosatsuStudent General Artist
With my samurai sword signed by Ryan secres
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in other words their childhood
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haha kind of... yea!
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TheWabbajackXHobbyist Digital Artist
I've been wanting to find this mashup forever.

I've had the image of Loki and Thor singing Boats n Hoes together for the past 15 minutes, and it's cracking me up.
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ahahah well ultra glad you found this mash up now!
ahahhah thor and loki boats and hoes!?? damn.. thats so good!... draw it!
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hahahah i don't know what that means.. 
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Say the premise of Step Brothers aloud. Not the actors, not the plot, not the comedy, not the reviews. Just the premise.
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SketchySeiHobbyist General Artist
OMFG LOVE THIS!!! AHHH!!! :'DDDD *cries/pees a bit*
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oh look.. you've cried/ peed all over the rug... 
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Loki: hey, you still awake?
Thor: yeah
Loki: I hate your guts
Thor: When you shut your eyes I'm gonna punch you square in the face.
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best comment of all time!
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OfficialOutOfLineStudent Filmographer
As much as I hated The Avengers, I must say, this is hilarious.
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real real glad you got a laugh out of this!
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must see movie
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ahhahaha definitely yes!
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I would watch this. I would actually pay money to watch this. And laugh.
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ahhaahh it just makes sense right..
i'd watch the sht out of this!
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