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the shining x deadpool

By m7781
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for's the line it is drawn week #354
this week's theme... Stephen King comic-book crossovers!
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I love you're work!
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Heeeere's Wadey!!!
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:lol: This is priceless. 
There actually was a comic like this.  Trapped for the winter Deapool eventually grew so board he resorted to pranking all the ghosts that lived there.:) (Smile) 
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XD I love it

Deadpool: why thank you Regularshowandsonic! and thank YOU m7781 for making this cool picture of me :D

Me: indeed,  you should ask that  lady to play with her.

Deadpool: ok!!!  hey ghoul lady, you can have these action figures I've got for you to play with, I also have this shark! *gives her a tooy shark*

ghoul girl: rrrgh? . . .*tries to play with it* rrrgh.

Deadpool: OH NO ITS A MAN EATING SHARK WERE GONNA CRASH *playing with his toys with her*
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Sicnarf serehw
Sicnarf serehw
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I'm glad I'm reading this book so that I understand what he's doing in a tub with the lady.
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for sure the creepiest part of the movie for me... that and the bear suit dude
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Always will be and have been dope. Keep up the great work man :).
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thanks for the kind words brother!
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Yeah no worries Marco, anytime man :).
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real glad you like this!
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For sure, it's absolutely brilliant!! :)
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ultra glad you like this!
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Cool and funny!
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thanks for the kind words man!
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Kubrick hates you...
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that would be a huge honour! 
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glad you like this!
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