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the pun-isher

for's the line it is drawn week #259
this weeks theme... Welcome Back to TV, Muppets!

the whole feature can be seen here... goodcomics.comicbookresources.…
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Wocka Wocka  Mutha Focka.

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So he's a wakka wakka whacker! :+fav:
"Go ahead, kill us!"
"After all your jokes, it'd be an act of mercy!"
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"If i'm Frank Xastle, does that mean i live in a castle? Wakka Wakka Wakka"
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This is soo crazy and soo beautiful!
I'm giggling soo hard right now...
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*SICK* artwork.
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Holy Shiz Fozzie
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Wakka wakka!
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<face palm> Ugh!
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ahahhh yea.. kinda corny... but i hope you digs!
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nothing like a good groaner.
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Statler: "So he seeks out criminals + the unjust and makes them suffer for their evil actions?"
Waldorf: "Surely his act is punishment enough?"
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LOL!!!!!!.... ahahahaha perfect!
i definitely read that in their voices
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"What's the capital of thailand?"


*starts shooting*

this looks awesome!
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LOL!... if anyone asks me that question ever i'm just gonna take off running... 

thanks for the kind words!
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Oh good grief! Fab!

Wakka, wakka, wakka!
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Okay that's just wrong...funny, but wrong.
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ahahahah sorry about this one...
glad you got a laugh out of it though... 
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