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the good the bad and the ugly

By m7781
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for 's the line it is drawn week 93


check out the rest here [link]
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Ha ha! Sweet!
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If I remember correctly, snake eyes never talks, I think we will be hearing him for the first time with dead pool around.
can we get a Spiderman/DeathStroke/Deadpool version of this?
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thats a rad idea
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Deadpool to snake Eyes: so your the man with no name in this? You're definitely no Clint Eastwood, you talk way too much to be him!! but you do have his ice cold stare *shivers* Oh by the way, can I call you Blondie?  
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This is complete genius~
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thanks for the kind words!
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Deadpool:plz: ) Who You Calling Ugly?!?!?
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Certainly not the guy with a bandage for a mask.
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The guy who looks like a walking tumor (and technically should be dead on account of the regenerative ability would actually increase the speed it takes for the cancer to kill him)
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hahahhahha ugly.. but he still works it... 
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The only thing that would make this more fitting than it already is is to have Deadpool holding a marker and have The Ugly crossed out and the replaced with 'the badass in red with money and a giant Dick' underneath.
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I wish that was a thing lol
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LOL!.. yea... that would have been funny for sure!
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This is incredible.  I want to make this into a t-shirt for my own person use. I won't sell it or anything.  Do I have your permission?
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well i guess i cant stop you... 
This is AWESOME!!!!
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thanks a ton for the kind words!
real real glad you like this!
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