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spider-man x charlie brown

for's the line it is drawn week #188
this weeks theme... Spider-Man Team-Ups!

the whole feature can be seen here! goodcomics.comicbookresources.…
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WoW! ! ! ! 😮 😮 😮 😮
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"Snoop Goblin you DOG! You killed Peg-Stacy Jean, and after Chuck bought her those expensive Stark-Gloves"
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Spidey you blockhead!
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Good Grief, Peter Parker!
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I thought Lucy is supposed to be Green Goblin.
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yea.... that would have worked nicely..

i was thinking more "red baron" snoopy would translate nicely to green goblin snoopy
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"With great power comes great grief" Considering what Peter Parker's life is like, I would say that's...pretty accurate.
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ahhahaha yea.. sums it up quite nicely... 
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pues con la Charlie brawn perdiste 
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yup charlie messed up again!
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This is very clever.
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thanks for the kind words!
ultra glad you like this!
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So good, couldn't help nut chuckle. Love "goblin" flying around in the back.
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Looks like it was drawn by schulz himself. Even the font is right. brilliant! 
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thanks for the kind words!!!
peanuts font i think it's called... 
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I always knew there was something special about Charles :iconspidermanplz:  Now, he needs to have the ultimate battle with Arch-Nemesis Lucy! :evillaugh:
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LOL!... he'll best lucy... someday.. someday... 
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thanks for the fav!
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Perfect is the best word to describe this
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