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soundwave : say anything

By m7781
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this one is for the people of the 80's…
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This is awesome! I've used this as the wallpaper on my phone.
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Just re-found this while goofing around, and I forgot how much I freaking LOVE this. It's so funny and cute and well done! :D
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HAHAHAHAHA:happybounce: Nuu :happybounce: 
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This. Is. AMAZING!   lol... I love it!  <3
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Oh Vector Sigma XD
How bout genius?!!!  :)
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dont know if brilliant is the word... but i'll take it!
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Very creative! I really dig all of your works of art!
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I love this :lmao: Brilliant! :iconclapplz:
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lol... real glad you like this
what girl wouldnt fall for this i ask.. 
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You'd have to be made of stone not to melt under a romantic onslaught like this :XD:
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Haha this made my day and i wasn't even born in the 80's.
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shiiiit i was born in the 80's... and i feel terrible now... 
but real real glad you like it!
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whoa.. WHOA!..
are you sure you mean brilliant?
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Well to be honest, I would have said it was genius, if the Transformer used here was the Autobot Blaster, who actually transforms into a boom box, but considering that Soundwave is far more well known I respect your choice.

 I feel fine going with brilliant. :nod:
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This is very funny. :3
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thanks man!.. 
really appreciated it!
glad you got a laugh out of this!
Thank you for this!
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thank you for liking this!
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Soundwave- "Say anything" 



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