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shiiit happens...
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SunsetwaterNew Deviant

Laughed so much, memories of using pencils or pens or fingers and having to manually roll all the tape back and fix it up. And when you watched a VCR video tape you'd have to turn it back I think? Or when you popped in the tape you'd have to sit there if the tape had been watched before and not rewinded back to the beginning. You'd have to wait for it to rewind the whole video tape so you could watch it from the beginning.

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Soundwave is running icon nooooooooo i must get rumble to the medic now

Soundwave (G1)' shiny eyes icon operation save RUMBLE  
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And this is how TFP Soundwave was born.

Megatron: “Pick your favorite Soundwave”

Soundwave: “Favorite cassetteacon: Laserbeak”

Megatron: “Now attach him to your chestplate somehow.”

Soundwave: “Affirmative”
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On the plus side, he is his own streamer cannon.

Sorry, it's a pretty good picture.
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this happened to me SO many times when I was little XD
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WindySilverHobbyist Writer
So awesome! :D
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Soundwave: Laserbeak, forget tapes. Be a cassette on the outside, but be an SSD on the insiiiiiiiide.
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I am beginning soundwave need to upgrade...

Soundwave: request to download rumble.

Megatron: we can go and get you a CD, not an iTunes account.
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Just get with the program, soundwave.
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KiwiCat232Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gawd,
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AseikaHobbyist Digital Artist
how many times is this going to happen!!!! hehe (can't tell ya how many tapes I've lost to this very thing) 
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CrimsonVampiressHobbyist Photographer
Duck tape anyone??~
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Reese07Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AseikaHobbyist Digital Artist
how many tapes died to this mishap hehe
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RobotProphetHobbyist Writer
Laugh LOL !!! That's Great!
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shozureiHobbyist Writer
Poor Soundwave. Anyone have a giant pencil?
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BluetabbycatHobbyist General Artist
*offers a pencil* I think you might need this.
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I know that feeling, happened to me a lot when I still had cassettes. And now I'm getting nostalgic...
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Blackwitch31Hobbyist Writer
Funny, it appears that he have some problems with his cassettes.
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KUWANG3R-PrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope Rumble is alright :0
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BiGeuraeStudent Artist
ha ha ha = ))
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