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professor x hodor

it made sense at the time... 
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Gorgeous Professor x :)

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I'd say that in a middle earth senario, prof-x would be considerably nurfed without some magical assistance (i.e. cerebro) so for most of his journy, before he became the raven, this would be his life. he has a bear of a human to protect him- knowing he's not a mutant, and Hodor- hearing the profs thoughts knowing the same, idly wondering what his purpose is until the very end.


I wonder who a king of thrones tie in/spin off would read?
Any way to buy a higher quality print?
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LOL! Awesome!
(Also tell me i'm not the only one who thought of this the second i saw this!)…
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OMG!!!! i really, really, really want to put this on a t-shirt!!! do you have a larger higher quality version of this!? i'm in love with this!!
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Omigod saw this from Google search, laughed so hard I cried!

I fucking love this!
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OMG this is amazing!!!!
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:iconpicardplz: do or do not, there is no try
You have some SICK skills man!
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That is just awsome
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thanks a ton!!..
ultra glad you like this!
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Who runs Barter Town?

Embargo on.
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The look on his face is spectacular. Perhaps even...

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LOL!... i see what you did there!
When I saw this, I instantly started laughing like crazy. I especially like this since it takes two series I love (X-men and Game of Thrones) and mixes them. Good job!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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i'm right there with you.. 
this is all i could think when i bran and hodor are on screen... 
super glad you got a laugh out of this!
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ultra glad you like this man!
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Ciao!! non so se ti può interessare ma io sto portando avanti questa iniziativa. Se vuoi farne parte devi solo proporti e ci mettiamo d'accordo.…
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Damn you, stop making perfect sense
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ahhahaha alright!.. deal!
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