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mo money mo problems...

iron man ... puffy
batman ... ma$e
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Just remember you two, money can’t solve everything. Just saying.
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Way too funny for this duo! :laughing:
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Nice this is great too.
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Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad Boooooooooooooy !
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Who says problems can't be solved with money?
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All about the benjamens.
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Aw man, should've gave Iron Man the glasses!
aka when rich boys get bored
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ahahaha yea.. very much true
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thanks brother!
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You're welcome!
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hahaha whoa... glad you like this that much!
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My 2 favorite playboys/ superheroes 
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Screw super power ! We have money !
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hahhaahahh exactly!
no idea why batman doesnt create an iron man type suit.. he's got so much money.. 
boggles the mind... 
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Because then he would get into money wasting legal battles with Tony about who owns the right's to the suit design.  Nobody wins.
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Well, in the first trailler of "Arkham Knignt", the Batsuit is waering like an armor of Tonny Stark.
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its the truth!
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Money: The best superpower ever.
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ahahahah problem?.. just throw money at it!
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