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michonne : single ladies

By m7781
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for's the line it is drawn week #138
this weeks theme: comicbooks and music videos

michonne and relationships don't seem to mix...
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this looks like a woman who knows what docile bites feel like. little knaws, some scrapes and mabe a stuby toungy lashing. #wherehavethosezombiesbeen
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LOVE IT!! i'm a newcomer to the series, and found this in a search for info about Michonne...HILARIOUS!!  :D
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ahhahah thats awesome that this came up for a michonne search!.. 
niiice! hope you dig the walking dead!
Well played
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whoa thank you thank you!
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Move over Beyonce! Forget the ring, give me a katana.
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Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing at this :XD: 
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ahhaah ultra glad you could get a laugh out of this!
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Dude, what ever it is your on, you better start sharing!! OMG
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hahahahaahhaahhahah well i dont have enough to go around... 
but i would gladly share!
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This should be animated.
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I also should read the comments before making the same comment others did.
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hahahahh no worries!
just makes me want to get some animating skills for christmas!
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So awesome! I know its probably been said but a gif or something would be amazing for this
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real glad you like it!
i wish i had the powers of gif..
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don't you die on me now!!!
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LMAO I finally get what this is XD
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real glad you came around to this piece!
real glad you diggit!
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