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mario x jordan

By m7781
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fun fact... mario's first name was jumpman... 
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Wow Awesome! Mario vs Michael Jordan who's the Real Jumpman!

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Mario vs Michael Jordan!! Pick your votes!! This is gonna be the greatest basketball match in the history of basketball! Who will win?!

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IM suffering if whos ganna win in a jumping contest

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Best crossover you ever done.
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Really cool work! It also reminds me of when Sonic wore Soap shoes in Sonic Adventure 2
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Well, this is long overdue!
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This is awesome! Nice work!
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thanks for the kind words!
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You're welcome.
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thanks! glad you like it!
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glad you got a laugh out of this!
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thanks a ton!
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Nice Very Nice
some how this feel right
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glad you like this!
i think it works... 
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where can i get some
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LOL!... jordans are everywhere!
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I'm glad you went with this and not the live action Mario played by Bob Hoskins in jet powered chrome boots. :XD:
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hahahahahahaahha even when i saw the mario movie as a kid i thought it was kinda crappy!
i wonder what it would be like watching it now... maybe a good cult movie?
probably still crap tho... 
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Kinda crappy? That thing was like wall to wall shit :XD: My girlfriend bought me the DVD last year as a joke gift and I watched it and honestly it's still shit. Like there are literally no redeeming qualities to that film. 

Its the same with that horrible Double Dragon movie that had Robert Patrick as the main villain. You just sit and ask yourself over and over why this is happening and wonder if anyone even looked at the game before they attempted to adapt it. :wtf:
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If you want another product placement moment, have a can of RedBull come out of the box and turn him into a Tanooki.
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