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for the bottleneck gallery in Brooklyn, for their show "where is my mind?"
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You know what you have to do, right?  You gotta redraw this and add Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.
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Niiiiceee!!! Can't wait for the Jerod Leto addition/edition. I love homophones!
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we'll see how jared leto does...
i think he'll do a  good job... 
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The Russian doll type effect is very good. And apt. Nice work
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Jack-in-the-box. Not Nesting dolls.
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ultra glad you like this!
thanks for the kind words!
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Nice motif with the jack in the box, and giving each getting each carnation of the joker a awesome representation. 
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thanks a ton for the kind words... 
ultra glad you like this!
Totally Amazing!!
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thanks! real real glad you like it!
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Brilliant & very creative!  A lot of people can draw well, but not many can draw as well as you do AND come up with fresh, new ways to represent long-established characters!  I mean, Joker's been around for, what, 60-odd years?  I've never seen anyone draw him in anything like this!  That on it's own is a testament to your skill and why I love deviantART - a place where talentless hacks like me can revel in the work of others!  Bravo to you!
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damn dude.. damn... 
you've complimented me to the point of tears and snot... well almost... 

damn man... real real glad you like this pic... i was just thinking about how dark the joker has gotten over the years...

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Well don't get all girly and cry on me... I just appreciate skill when I see it.  Mostly if it's some I don't share haha
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I thought I posted a comment on this...
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hmmphh.. well you certainly did now...
thanks for checking out this pic... 
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I found it, it was on your other version of this with the recolor.
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thanks!! real glad you like it!
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thanks! real glad you like it!
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thanks man!
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I would love to see more of Joker but I hink we have reached the end with awesome depictions of The Joker.

And remember that three is the magic number:)

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