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iron man x care bears

iron man and care bears for some reason...
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Iron Man's Ray of Riches:… (at 7:49-8:11)
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This is is so funny and cute! Lol X3
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This made me chuckle. Nice work.
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Yeah I can see this work to well xD
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Gorgeous idea <3
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Ahhahahahahaha! That is both funny and cute at the same time!
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This is by far the funniest shit ever thank you.
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Great Cross-Over.
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This is so colourful, cute and funny at the same time. I love it. Heart 
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Taste the Rainbow MOTHER FUCKER
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By the power of MONEY :moneyshower: .
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 Makes sense that would be $'s, but I think a lot of Efes Pilsen Bottle's would make sense as well
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Care Bears: Care Bear Stare!
Iron Man: JARVIS, Repulsor Blast!

...All we need is the animals from the Forest of Feelings, the other Avengers, and Loki and Nicholas. XD
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oh my god.. i forgot about all those things!!
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You didj't forget them. They're fighting offscreen. XS
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This. This is the best thing.
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LOL!... ultra glad you like this!!
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That's too good XD 
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thanks a ton!.. 
real glad you like this!
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