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iron man x boba fett : iron mandalorian

By m7781
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for's the line it is drawn week 222
this weeks theme... Star Wars Team-Ups and Mash-Ups!

the whole feature can be seen here! goodcomics.comicbookresources.…
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Aaahhh!!!   This is soo much fun!!!   
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Why hasn't this happened for real yet.

Disney you own Own Marvel & Star Wars..... give us Star Wars/Marvel cross overs
(heck the original Star Wars comics where marvel)

Heck maybe Empire could team up with some marvel villians (Doctor Doom, could seriously upgrade the deathstar) 
to fight   the Rebels & the Avengers.
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To: Boba
From: Wade

Enjoy your new toy champ! <3
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real real glad you like it!
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thanks for the kind words!
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Awesome concept here :)
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thanks! real glad you like this!
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& thank you for making this :)
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hes been hitting the gym.
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yea.. he looks kinda jacked
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The Iron Mandalorian has you in here for 3 minutes. 3 minutes of playtime!

" please read in hulk hogan's voice"
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YESSSS. He'd be unstoppable. 

Armor is A++++++
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thanks a ton!!! 
yes he would be unstoppable!
i approve this message
han solo kiss your a$$ goodbye
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hahahahaha hell yea.. 
sorry han!
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I find this one hilarious soley for the purpose that Marvel used this same Iron Man debut layout for Boba Fett as one of the Star Wars #1 Variants.
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true!.. hadnt even known that... 
that cover is pretty badass!
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I know what I'm buying next time I see you
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buying? hell no... 
lifetime pass man... 
hope everything is cool!
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That is pretty sweet.
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