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iron man : ghostbuster armour

for's the line it is drawn week #264
this week's theme... Happy Halloween 2015!

the whole feature can be seen here! goodcomics.comicbookresources.…

happy halloween errybody!
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Now that is Extreme Ghostbusting.

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He ain't afraid of no ghost.
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When Dr. Strange disappears, someone has to try to deal with Dormammu!
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ghostbuster armour would certainly be more intimidating than dr strange
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Dr. Strange, despite his great power, doesn't strike fear into most evil doers. Maybe its that pajama like costume?
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if hulk busters Vera then this must be Dana
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Hahaha that's pretty cool I could totally see Iron Man havin gone of those. 
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i see... something strange....
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Oh...It's go time!  >:3
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thanks for that.. appreciated! 
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Now I want to here AC/DC cover the Ghostbuster's theme :D (Big Grin) 
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The best part about this? Tony Stark is the type who would indeed build this for the lulz, in universe, for attending conventions. 
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thanks a ton!
real glad you like this!!
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You're Most Welcome!!
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FAN - FUCKING - TASTIC !!!!!!!!!!
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thanks for the kind words!!
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I knew it!
Tony Stark and Bill Murray are the creators of the Grey Knights!
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