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evil takes a day off...

By m7781
i'm sure they are still up to no good...
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HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE! That's what Skull gets for probably stealing that ice cream.

Fan-TASTIC work on this one! Skull and Skeletor are wonderfully expressive, the details on their clothes and settings are amazing and the concept is unquestionably hilarious!

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"Oh Nien! I've shpilt mien icencream!"

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perfectly written!
"What's a Skeletor?" 
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And Skeletor thinks "Fool..."
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ahahh i can totally hear him saying that in my mind!
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Despite the ridiculousness of the whole show, I still remember him as a pretty decent villain
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Better make tracks back to Germany before that stain sets...
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ahahahah yea! beat it skull!
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"Oh mein god! I must make haste!"
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Poor Skull man, almost feel bad for the guy. 
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oh dont feel bad for him... 
he is still fairly evil... 
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thanks maybe?
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I dont know... its hard to ay
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thanks man!!
glad you dig this one... 
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Lolololol I just... :'D... and reading that comment of "nyehhh..." below... too perfect.
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ahhahah yes.. fits exactly perfect!
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Too much win! Too much! And what's them sitting girlie-style on the swings? :D
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