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downside of having a batcave

there must be a ton of bat shit in the batcave...
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I'd say "Holy batshit Batman!"

But that would be too easy. Plus this has to be a problem for real in the comics. We just don't see it.
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Something I've been trying to point out for years
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I never thought of that!
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Why is adventure time a featured group on this? (i mean it's funny but still)
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''Holy crap Batman!''
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ahhaaha i see what you did there
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Oh this is quite original. I love things like this that elicit groans and for you to see something you've encountered many times before in a different way that is quite disturbing and kind of wish you hadn't thought of it in those terms afterwards.
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ahahahahah i dunno why or how i thought of this.. but it just made sense.. 
i think just hearing it in the batman animated voice just made me crack up.. 
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To all heroes who want a dark and brooding hideout: Set it up somewhere where no animals can poo all over it.
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i thought batman always thought ahead..
not so it seems... 
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A batshit insane amount. :XD: 
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hahahha i see what you did there... 
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He can make a lot more money with the much guano.
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as if he needs the money...  
sigh.. the rich get richer.... 
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Ya know no one ever thinks about it till you do realise, bats do poop.
m7781's avatar
everybody poops
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I laughed a good 2 minutes from this one. Nice! Hahahaha
m7781's avatar
ahahahha real glad you got a laugh out of this!
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LOL :lol: I'm surprised he hasn't come down with anything yet xDD.

Didn't know Batman was a fan of Adventure Time :iconteheplz:.
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hahh batman loves adventure time...
like i say.. thats where he gets his sense of humor.. 
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aahahahaha yea.. 
that could be a problem... 
IronBatMaiden91's avatar
Hahahahahahahahahahahaa then he or Alfred would have to disinfect the bat equipment.
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