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deadpool x green lantern movie poster

By m7781
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something quick i whipped up... 
based on this deadpool movie clip...…

based on the movie poster for the award winning green lantern movie...…
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I like how his Face like: "Do i really have to do this?"
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LOL. He looks kinda sad. Great piece.
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This is great mate keep up the wonderful work :)
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thanks for the kind words man!!
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I love how he's doing a green lantern posing with a ring pop.
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Someone on 9 gag thought this was real
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ahha yea! a lot of people on reddit did too!
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A double rainbow...perfect...jus perfect man this whole poster is perfect hahaha love it!
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haahahahaha you are the man haha youre stuff is hella awesome man i cracking up just looking at your gallery! you have earned a watcher.
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I thought this was official marketing. Dang! Way to go man! I'm super happy your awesome humor went viral :). Me think this will sell like hot cakes at fan expo if you come back this year.
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nawww.. not official marketing... LOL... just my usual shenanigans...
i'll be at the fan expo this year and comicon next week too!
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So proud of you this is amazing
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glad you dig this one!
see the movie?
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(late ass reply....)
of course I did.... on bootlegWink/Razz lmao  then got it on redbox.
Did you like it since your such a deadpool nut?! 
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hahahahah bootleg! ofcourse!!
you use redbox? i thought that was only for seniors?
i dug the movie... but some parts were kinda weak y'know?
villain was kinda lame too... maybe i expected too much?
hope summer and whats left of its been good for you!
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Lol true true... maybe cause you're a true fan of him you're looking at it in a different angle... hey now don't be hating on our redbox. It's the "wave." Meanwhile my summer was awesome. So much has happened. My career took off and that's why you haven't heard much from my cheeky little corner.hope all is well for you too. ciao!
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Hoo mah gahd. I've been seeing this for a while now, and I just thought it was another clever ploy by the movie's promo department. OF COURSE it was your doing! It all makes sense now!
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ahahah yea... i just did it for fun... no idea how it got out there...
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dont need to see that again!
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I don't really AGREE with that Line; I LIKE the Green Lantern; I was ONLY Quoting what he said in the Trailer
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I saw this on Super Hero Feed, and I thought is was something released by this movie's marketing department.
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naw.. just something i made for fun!
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