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deadpool n' joker

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for cbr.com's the line it is drawn week #391

happy deadpool day!
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V1EWT1FULHobbyist Digital Artist
Marvel Gif  Deadpool you think you're a freak, you dont know the meaning of the word
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Joker: You wanna know how I got these scars?
Deadpool: Oh that's adorable. Wanna see this scar.....and this one, and that one. And, oh didn't even know I had that one. HEY WANT TO MAKE ONE FOR YOUR SELF!? Ever wonder why Bruce Wayne and Batman are never in the same place when shit goes down? I wonder what happened to Harley Quinn?

8 hrs later the Joker is banging his head against the wall to help with the voices that just aren't coming from his head.
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Melvined, who wants a hug?
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wondermanrules Traditional Artist
I want this comic to be real so bad it's killing me :XD:

I love when you do the vintage style comic covers and make them look all worn and well read. I also love Joker's expression, it's perfect :iconclapplz:
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"That's... not funny..!"
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hooksnfangsHobbyist Digital Artist
LOL the face on Joker cracks me up!
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AK-Is-HarmlessHobbyist Traditional Artist
:laughing: Awesome. I love Joker's disgusted expression. :)

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KaedegirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is brilliant! oh my god XD I feel like joker XD 
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Then they compare pre-WTFification when they were still pretty.
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regenerated-oliverHobbyist General Artist
Deadpool: Why so... not scary?! No, seriously. You think YOUR face is scary, "Puddin'"? Mine is a REAL nightmare! So much so... that I don't wanna show it right now. I want my readers and movie viewers to enjoy Chimichangas.
Serious: I have a question: What does it mean "To get Melvined"?
Screwball: Weeeeeeeeell... I dunno. Do you know?
Serious: I don't. That's why I am asking.
Deadpool: Here's an answer from me (Not THE answer, but... roll with it, comment viewers!): The point is... I knew a guy called Melvin... he was a pizza delivery man, and I killed him.
Serious: Why...?
Deadpool: Because he thought it would be a smart idea to ADD PINEAPPLE IN MY PIZZA! So... I sent him a "pineapple" as a gift to Melvin.
Serious: The explosive kind, I take it.
Screwball: Oooohohohooo! We sure loves THESE pineapples!
Deadpool: Moral of the story? Pineapple in pizza sucks. Real men take pepperoni.
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ah, the classic melvin!  Reminds of  Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey!  And of course, they'd have a one upmanship  contest over who has the best scars.  Which Wade would win (alliteration!), obviously.  Well done, sir!
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theFallenSENTIENT18 General Artist
Then they created a comedy talk show......
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Melvin, brother of the Joker?
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