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captain america pants

my re-design of captain america...
not really though...
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slapping spiderman across the back of the head.
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Did you just put Zubaz on Captain America?

No, yeah, okay.
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This is absolutely amazing.
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ahahah real glad you like this one!
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Haha! Yes! Napoleon Dynamite and cap crossover! Love it!
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it had to be done!!!
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Hahaha, Diedrich Bader had the best scene in Napoleon Dynamite, hands down!  Well played.
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ahhaha yea... bow to your sensei!
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Bow to your sensei. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI.
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hahahhah exactly!
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My family loves that movieXD What makes it funnier is I can mock that guys voice and I'm a girlXDDD
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Deadpool-"No they wont cap, they busty too laughing ass's off."


Captain America- Gives a round-house kick to Deadpools never ending mouth while yelling "Road House, Bitch!" 

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ahahhahahaahh road house... 
ahhhh road house.. 
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you think i got where i am by dressing like peter parker over there... forget about it!
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"Bow to your Captain!"
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this guy gets it...
best comment of all time?
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hahaha yes.. just yes... 
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haha YES! "come on try and hit me!"

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ahahahhaahaha "break the wrist and walk away"... 
i need to see this movie again... 
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ahahah thanks! real glad you like it!
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