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boba fett n' deadpool : dirty deeds

By m7781
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for comicbookresources.com 's the line it is drawn week 130
this weeks theme: music lyrics and super heroes...

the whole article can be seen here! [link]

my pick... boba fett and deadpool with AC/DC 's dirty deeds done dirt cheap
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Pool and Fett might have chance with taking out both Spongbob and Bart... But BUGS of all people? They don't know what kind of Hell they're asking for just trying to take on that wascally wabbit. Let alone the fact these two are picking a fight with one of the greatest karmic trickers around.

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Hahahaha! Slave II.
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Deadpool: *pours gas on Bart's Treehouse*

Boba: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! *points to a paper that says Bart is owned by FOX*

Deadpool: Oh...I have a better idea. *cue the Griffin House burning while Deadpool, Boba and Meg watch while wearing glasses* All is right in the world.

Meg: Yep.

Boba: But the baby and the dog?

Deadpool: Shit. *teleports in and out with Stewie and Brian*
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Well ain't this morbid.
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You foreshadowed the fact that Disney now owns both Deadpool and Boba Fett both in films and comic book wise (and the Simpsons).
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I don't think you can kill a sponge with a harpoon. Besides, he did get godly powers from Neptune once, SpongeBob would actually be a force to be reckoned with.
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Well at the very least he got rid of Sponge Bob, so that makes me happy :D
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So where's the sequel with Pokemon, Ponies, South Park and Teen Titans Go?
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Cartoon wars, episode one: this is only the beginning.
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Mickey's gone brainwashed and is now working for these two for all of eternity. I feel so evil about this! Devilish 
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Wow ... :)
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Bugs Bunny is unkillable. Everyone knows that.
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And then the Crazy Woodpecker does the same to Mickey... you know, Universal owns the world literally
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Mickey *with bags of Kindergeld*: "Money makes the world go round! Don't you agree!?"

Deadpool and Boba *squeals like children*: "Yay!!!!!!!"

I have to agree that Bugs is a whole different league compared to the other targets, though. Never mind his god-like luck stat, he has the Justice League as his personal guard. :V
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LOL! too good!
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So are they going to kill Mickey and rob him, or are they helping Mickey rob the Disney Vault? Oh Wait, I get it; Mickey owns their intellectual property, and now he's PAYING them, to take-out the "competition"...Wait - is that Mario's skeleton?!

Panel 3; Deadpool: "Eat MY shorts, you jaundiced little-prick!"

Panel 4; Boba: "I'M READY!...to collect my reward."

*looks at Panel 2*

...Look, I'm all for this and all...But Boba and Deadpool are about to get SERIOUSLY fucked up. They. Can't. Beat. Him...Especially because THEY'RE the ones instigating! They can kill the Mouse, the Problem Child, and even the Sponge; specially cause part of them deserves to die...
But BUGS is something else...

Bugs has the ability to manipulate ANY situation in his favor. He can never be caught, killed, or destroyed...He can outwit any opponent, into doing what can only be described as, "organized, inevitable, self-destruction..."
I guarantee you that right now, there's an unseen rabbit hole, with the black trigger-wire leading to the dynamite, revealing that the Dynamite has already been placed behind an unsuspecting Boba. And at the same time, Bugs is currently unscrewing the explosive head on the missile, and turning it upside-down...which is somehow going to break physics, and cause it to blow up in Wade's face...Before the end of this, Bugs will probably have cross-dressed, made out with both of them, and turned them AGAINST each other...
The only way Bugs can possibly be outdone, would be by his own God-like powers. (It's happened before.)
But at present; despite badassery, or ability to break the fourth wall...Against the Wabbit...they don't stand a chance.
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You aren't wrong...like at all
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Seeing Spongebob get a harpoon in the back by Boba Fett...yes.  Yes.
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That’s for cheating the Nick Choice Awards, you stupid annoying moronic sponge!
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Hey!  A fellow Spongebob hater!  Man, finding those like you is rarer than gold deposits these days.  Glad to see I'm not the only one. ^^
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You’re not only one. There’s others like you.
John-the-Enforcer's avatar
Thank you!  I needed to hear this after a couple of rough weeks at work.
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Agreed. I used to love Spongebob but nowadays everyone in it's become a jackass
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