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batman v iron man

By m7781
for 's the line it is drawn week 290
this weeks theme... Superheroes Fighting Other Superheroes

the whole feature can be seen here... goodcomics.comicbookresources.…
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Why would he fight Iron Man? Because he's Batman.

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way better concept than anything Zack Snyder could come up with...hell, why should DC and Marvel compete in the films industry in the first place? working together could be so much more productive..
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If its Btbatb batman then he wins hands down. (hes like the most op batman ever.)

I think the batsuit from doj is also way to op for iron man. Batman made it to go against superman and kind of held his own. Superman is arguably stronger than base hulk and since ironman had to use the hulkbuster suit to take down hulk I definitely feel like the hulk buster suit is literally the only suit that could stand a chance at superman. the way I see it. Base batman<Iron Man<Batman mech<Iron Man hulkbuster (he got lucky in the movie)<Hulk<superman. 

In anycase it would be an awesome fight.
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It's basically Ninja Billionaire vs Knight Billionaire.
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Wish death battle would do this.

I mean it could be a great fight.

Batman, his various vehicles, gear + armors & the watchtower nuke cannon
Iron man, his various armors

I think Iron Man would win, but would be good fight as Batman pretty smart.
Sharktooth987's avatar
I wanna see wild destroyer hulk vs super man
I know super man would actually win (unless the sun got blocked or something)
But hulk can take a punch equal to 4 billion exploding Suns AND ABOUT 4 of them
And then dish it right back XD
m7781's avatar
thanks!! glad you digs!
TheGoldenKeyblade's avatar
Because he's Batman, he can't lose. Batman beat the crap outta Superman in the movie! XDD
m7781's avatar
batman always finds a way to win... 
im sure he has something in his utility belt to solve iron man...

although iron man should blast him to bat bits form above... 
TheGoldenKeyblade's avatar
And that's why he's so epic!
He has everything in that utility belt, whatever you ask him, he'll have it there with him.

That's what logic says, but comics would be like "Nah we need a story and lots of fighting" XDD
DevilRayWilson's avatar
Batman: Please, they're going to take Elenor away from me
Ironman: Elenor? How the hell do you know that name?
Catwoman: Elenor is his Ferrari's name. The IRS is trying to collect it.
Ironman: My God, I've made a mistake. Lets take those bloodsuckers at the IRS out together partner  
m7781's avatar
LOL! hahahahahah batman and iron man VS the IRS.. SIIIIIICK
ToxicSnakeSkull's avatar
One wears a armoured battle suit all the times. One wears an armoured battle suit to combat more other-worldly foes.
One's arch nemesis is a Psychotic clown. One's arch nemesis is a martial artist with hyper powered Bling.
One fights an opponent who wears Red and Blue in his 'Vs' Movie. One fights an opponent who wears Red, White, and Blue in his 'Vs' Movie.
Both have Dead Parents.
Both have S*** tons of Cash.
Both have an assortment of fancy gadgets.


Mother of God Icon : 'Except my 'VS' movie is doing far better at the box office.
batman gif : "Yeah... well... I'M BATMAN!"
m7781's avatar
LOL... dude... perfectly broken down!
victortky's avatar
I guess the movie is just about them throwing wads of money at each other.

Or who has the flashiest weapon.
m7781's avatar
hahhaha i think tony stark has way more fun with his money... 
in my opinion he has way cooler stuff!
victortky's avatar
Yeah, having a suit of mechanised iron!
Redlight47's avatar
Well, Tony does have the bigger net worth of 100 bn to brices 80 bn.
m7781's avatar
LOL! a measly 80 billion... you cant win a fight with that... 
Redlight47's avatar
It doesn't matter because Black Panther has the biggest net worth of all comoic book heroes with over 500bn
m7781's avatar
yeeeeeesh.. alright... t'challa takes it!
Redlight47's avatar
He also owns all vibrainium in the world and his suit is woven in vibrainium. And he has outsmarted Tony multiple times. He also has a harem of Highschool warriors at his beck and call and is married to Storm. A feat that was not easy in the slightest.
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
Iron Man is gonna lose because he's Batman.
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